A Review of Cake and Cognac by Yung Gravy and Dillon Francis

On February 4th, Yung Gravy (one of my favorite artists) released an EP with Dillon Francis. You know I had to leave a review! Before diving into my reasoning, I’d give this EP an overall rating of a 7.5/10. You can check my review of each song to see what I mean. 

Whisk it Up – 5/10

Yung Gravy’s energy seems low in comparison to what he normally sounds like in my opinion. The beat + his tone + the overly simplistic melody = an overall generic sounding rap song. On the bright side, when the vocals enter it’s pretty catchy, so this song isn’t a complete fail. 

Coochie Anthem – 9/10

The guitar in the beginning reminds me of being on the beach, or like I’m listening to Girl in Ipanina. Then, BOOM: Yung Gravy enters with that old energy we know and love. The chorus is so unexpected and it makes me want to dance. It makes me feel like I’m at a fancy hotel party or a Vogue runway show. This one is definitely going on my main playlist. 

Hot Tub – 9/10

I’m jamming to this one too! I like the change of feel between the verses and the chorus, done similarly in Coochie Anthem. 

Coochie Anthem (Dillon’s Version VIP) – 7/10

The only difference in this version is the chorus now sounding like we’re at the club. I personally like the Vogue runway better, but this version isn’t necessarily badly done.

With a duo like this, who knew what to expect. Both are known for being out there, over the top personalities and I think their pairing made total sense. I hope to see them collab again in the future. What did you guys think?

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