5 Must-Watch Music Documentaries for Your Netflix Queue

Alriiiight it’s Friday night! After a long week of being stuck at home, doing school work or just working remotely, you finally get to let loose and…continue to watch TV, same as you’ve been doing since quarantine started.

If you’re like me, you’re bored out of your gourd and are looking for something, anything, to keep you entertained. When I’m not listening to music in my free time, I’m usually scanning streaming services for cool music related movies and documentaries to keep me educated.

Now I know you all reading this at home have hella time on your hands, so here’s 5 music documentaries on streaming that you can add to your queue! From hippie movements to legendary tours to new up and comers, you won’t wanna miss these!

1. Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (2019, dir. by Stanley Nelson)

Miles Davis is widely regarded as one of the most significant figures in the history of jazz, and this documentary chronicles his life, from his rise to fame, to his drug addiction, to the lasting impact he had on music- with Davis himself narrating much of the film! There’s no denying that Miles Davis was a cool cat: watch this beautiful documentary to learn what made him such an icon.

2. Echo in the Canyon (2018, dir. by Andrew Slater)

Laurel Canyon is a small mountain town in the Hollywood Hills, and during the 1960’s, served as the birthing place of the sun-drenched California pop sound we’ve all grown to know and love. Hosted by Jakob Dylan, lead singer of The Wallflowers, take a wild ride through the flower power of the 60’s, maaaaan! Featuring covers of classic California songs by the likes of Fiona Apple, Beck, Cat Power and more!

3. The Rolling Thunder Revue (2019, dir. by Martin Scorsese) 

From folk legend to electric innovator to mysterious woodland prophet, Bob Dylan was the man who defined the decade of the Vietnam War. By the mid 1970’s though, Dylan had all but shunned his forced role as the spokesperson of the counterculture, in favor of a more laid back, country-tinged third phase of his musical career. Still young and still brilliant, Dylan took to the road with his new backing band, The Band, and gave America blissful country folk goodness at a time when America needed it most. Chronicled by Martin Scorsese, get an inside look at the scruffy haired “song and dance man” as he takes leaps as an artist in his second decade as a musical legend.

4. Everybody’s Everything (2019, dir. by Sebastian Jones & Ramez Silyan)

In 2017, there was no escaping the earth-shattering impact that Lil Peep and his Goth Boy Clique were leaving on the music scene. His pop-friendly blend of emo rock and trap rap became a cultural standout of the last decade. Just as he was about to blow up beyond comprehension, he was taken from us too soon. As heartbreaking as it is, Everybody’s Everything shows us the beautiful soul of Lil Peep as he truly was, and has had a lasting emotional impact on me since my initial viewing.

5. Amy (2015, dir. by Asif Kapadia)

What is there to say about Amy Winehouse that hasn’t already been said countless times? She was an incredible talent; she was brutally honest with an infectious personality; she was pretty hardcore; and she was troubled, as so many young stars can be. This documentary turns 5 years old in July, and when it was released in theaters, I saw it at least 5 times. I’m sure many of us grew up listening to her incredible music, but the story behind those beautiful pop jazz ballads will leave your heart heavy and knees weak. This documentary isn’t a happy one, but it will deeply affect you, as if you knew Amy personally. By the end of it, you’ll feel like you did. I can’t recommend this one enough.

Have you seen any of these documentaries? And what are some of YOUR favorite music documentaries? Happy watching!

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