What Color is Your Energy?

A few days ago, as I merrily munched on my morning meal, I was overwhelmed by what a sensory experience it is… to eat breakfast. I looked down at my plate and thought in my Chopped chef voice…

“Hi judges, today I have prepared a slice of whole grain toast layered in creamy guacamole, drizzled with spicy pico de gallo, layered with crisp, greasy bacon and topped with a fried egg that oozes with every bite.”

As I dove into the dish, my eyes hypnotized by the variety of textures, my nose intoxicated by the smell, my ears rewarded by the crunch. I was obviously this week’s Chopped champion, no need for critiques.

I then began to wonder… what would I do without my senses? Which of the five could I live without, if I had to? How lucky am I… to be born with all of these capabilities that truly enhance life. It made me realize how sensory music is as well, and perhaps that is why we find it so satisfying.

My team and I have sniffed out a playlist to make all your senses go wild! As you can see, these songs with color in the title have touched us all through sound. What can I say? We have taste!

Jessica’s choice- Amber by 311

Maria’s choice- Yellow by Coldplay

Lauren’s choice- Blue Monday by New Order

Max’s choice- Black Milk by Massive Attack

Brendan’s choice- Goodbye Yellowbrick Road by Elton John

Kaleb’s choice- Blue Verb by Vegyn

Sohee’s choice- Gold Grain by Bronze Whale

Aaron’s choice- Baby Blue by King Krule

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