Wild Nothing Holds Nothing Back On New Album

It has been about five years since indie artist Wild Nothing has released a new record. Wild Nothing’s 2018 release, Indigo, was their strongest project yet. It fused bedroom pop with alt-rock coming together to make something truly beautiful. Wild Nothing has kept busy over the past few years collaborating with other artists. For example, the newest album Daydreamer, by singer songwriter Molly Burch, was fully produced by Wild Nothing. While it’s nice to hear pieces of him in production, fans agreed it was long overdue for a new piece of solo work. Hold is Wild Nothing’s way back into the spotlight and was absolutely worth the wait.

Jack Tatum: The Man Behind Wild Nothing

Jack Tatum is the mastermind behind Wild Nothing. Tatum began releasing music under Wild Nothing at the start of the 2010s. Wild Nothing is known for the dreamy synth pop that transports listeners to a cinematic world. Soft melodies and intimate vocals lure in listeners layered over atmospheric instrumentals. Part of Tatum’s signature sound incorporates 80s synth and guitar riffs that sound innovative and fresh on each release. Over the span of his career, Tatum has collaborated with artists like Beach Fossils and Japanese Breakfast. Since his debut, Wild Nothing’s has elegantly grown and developed as an artist, creating a stunning discography.  On his fifth studio album Hold, Tatum reflects on fatherhood and shows listeners a side we have yet to see sonically and lyrically. 


Hold starts with an upbeat, opening track, “Headlights On” featuring Hatchie. The danceable drum beat is accompanied by a subtle saxophone making for quite the listening experience. The groove continues with the layered synths on “Basement El Dorado.” Lyrically, we can hear Wild Nothing taking a good look at himself in the mirror and at the world. On “The Body Builder” and “Suburban Solutions” we are given insight on Tatum’s personal life after becoming a father during the pandemic. The way he sings about his son is truly beautiful. “Presidio” reminds us just how talented Wild Nothing is. It’s an ambient, instrumental track layered with reverbating guitars.

Dial Tone” is a whirlwind of a track to blast at full volume in the car with the windows down. It feels like the most Wild Nothing song on the album, paying homage to the sound that started Tatum’s career. The guitar solo on “Dial Tone” is some of the best instrumentation on the record. A sleek piano intro welcomes Tatum’s vocals on “Histrion” that almost feels as if he is in conversation with himself. A soft 2000s guitar riff starts “Alex” and evolves into a cinematic masterpiece as the record nears its end. Wild Nothing ends Hold with “Pulling Down the Moon (Before You).” The song is as exciting as the title. Tatum beautifully closes his introspective journey. Hold is an expansion of the Wild Nothing sound that fans know and love reaching new heights.

Where to Watch Wild Nothing 

If hearing the album via Spotify just isn’t quite enough for you, you’re in luck! Wild Nothing is playing tracks from Hold live for the first time on the “HOLD” tour. The tour is only nine shows across North America. On select dates, JW Francis and zzzahara are joining with for the ride to open the show. You can get tickets here!

What is your favorite song on Hold?

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