Why I Fell in Love with Ali Gatie’s Genre Bending New Album

One of the most beautiful things in music is when artists merges two genres together. It’s a way for talented artists showcase their knowledge in different forms of music. Pop music is usually the most common genre for musicians to experiment and intermix with. There is so much room in pop music for different sounds and diverse beats.

My favorite music combination is the mix of pop and R&B. One of my favorites is Alie Gatie, he is incredible at creating tracks that hold a pop tune supported by R&B instrumentals. He has landed on the top charts because of his unique ability to do so. Throughout his career, he has poured his innermost feelings into his music. Gatie just released a new album that incorporates pop funk with his original R&B sounds. WHO HURT YOU has pivoted Ali Gate’s career away from his late night tunes into more upbeat and funky R&B impressions.


To say I love this album is an understatement. I believe that WHO HURT YOU has an essence of The Weeknd’s iconic sound with dashes of soul beats. The audience can hear this when they first start listening to the album. The intro track, “The Look,” features the beautiful and talented Kehlani. This gets the album off to a strong start. As soon as this track started, I was thinking of how different it was for Ali Gatie. Majority of people may know him because of his 2019 hit “It’s You.” This song was everywhere when it was first released and still plays a role in the industry. “It’s You” is a slower track and hones more controlled melodies. It’s clear that Ali Gate went out of his comfort zone for this album, and I love that.

The fun part about WHO HURT YOU is that it contains songs for everyone. Whether you’re in a relationship, going through a breakup, enjoy slow songs, or upbeat tunes, you can find a song that speaks to you. I’ve gone ahead and chose a few of my personal favorites, but the whole album is definitely worth a listen.

“Light My World”

This track is so genuine and raw. Throughout “Light My World” Ali Gatie talks about how strong his feelings are for girl. He fully puts his heart out on the line in this track, and it is so powerful. Ali Gatie has had love songs that are extremely vulnerable, but “Light My World” is catchier than his previous romance tracks. Love songs can get a bad rap because they’re usually slower and not a lot of people take the time to listen to the lyrics. This song, on the other hand, captivates the audience as soon as the beat drops. Ali Gate knows exactly how to get people to listen to him and he proves this in “Light My World.”

“Somebody Else”

Ali totally took me by surprise with his ninth track. He proved that he was more than a singer, but he could also incorporate hip hop into his music. “Somebody Else” is such a fun and enjoyable song. Whenever I listen to this song, I can’t stop bobbing my head because of the quick and snappy movements. This one shows how obsessively in love Gatie is with his muse. “Somebody Else” stands out in this album because the pattern and tempo is so different from the others. It’s genuinely such a fun and entertaining song. Guaranteed to put you in a good mood.


This song is so beautifully and meticulously crafted. The slow and calm melody of “Perfect” best aligns with the message behind it. It is essentially about someone losing the one they love and how scary that feeling is. Ali is able to convey how terrifying it is to go through a heartbreak. The song is so slow and elegant, and it is able to convey the message so simply. I feel this song best showcases his artistry and raw voice. At the end of the song, Gatie integrates his background by using Arabic lyrics. At first, I was confused until I looked at the lyrics and saw that they were in Arabic. I think this was a great way for Gatie to pay homage to his culture and his life growing up.

It’s incredible to witness the music industry’s acceptance of new talent. New and upcoming artists who are flooding the top charts are also expanding diversity in the music scene. Artists such as Ali Gatie serve as trailblazers for the new wave of music. I can’t wait to see new genres develop through musicians who are able to find a unique sound.

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