What’s So Childish?

Tallahassee, Florida… a small town with a huge personality. The capitol city has always been notorious for their legendary nightlife scene and eclectic music tastes. With the northern panhandle location, residents can be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to their music preferences. Mayday Parade, T-Pain, and Jim Morrison are just a few talents to come out of Tally- and that about sums up all the ends of the spectrum.

Loads of artists from across the globe have caught on to this growing music city, and have made sure to add a Tally stop to their tours. Last night, two of electronic music’s most popular artists, What’s so Not and Louis the Child, stopped by to play at the newly renovated venue called The Pavilion.

Conveniently located right next to the Tallahassee Mall, The Pavilion holds 10,000 people easily while remaining covered. It feels as if you are at a music festival with how massive the venue actually is. Vendors and restaurants line the perimeter, which gives music-goers a very accessible way to eat or use the restroom without going to far.

Louis the Child @ The Pavilion

Starting the concert off with a bang, What’s So Not, played many if not all his famous songs from “Jaguar” to “Touched”. However, many people were there for their day one DJ duo, Louis the Child.

Their set started off with confetti guns and rainbow lights bouncing off the walls. The crowd grew louder and filled with energy for Louis as they started to gradually increase the tempo within each song. Some of their songs had a house vibe and others prompted the usual head bang you see at Excision. The venue itself was about a quarter-filled but gave the impression in the audience that you were attending a sold out concert. Everyone had their hands waving in the air till the end and aided in one last additional song after their closing. Thank you Louis for showing Tallahassee some love, we appreciated all the good vibes.

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