Voodoo XP, How the Art and Food Be?

 It’s safe to say there is no city on Earth that throws a party quite like New Orleans. Known for the creation of jazz and curation of Cajun cuisine, Nola has grown into a cultural epicenter. This one of a kind Louisiana town is a guarantee for great food, funky music, and a lot of fun!

The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is no different, and in fact perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the city in which it’s held. The three day festival is full of immersive art installations, finger licking food, and a line up that is tough to beat. While you’ll be dancing to the beat all day, it’s important to refuel. Here are a few of my can’t miss food vendors.

At their Forked Up Food Court, guests have a wide selection of eats to choose from. voodoo_macThis includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options! Voodoo highlights their organic, local, and sustainable options for all those both healthy and environmentally conscious.

As far as local restaurants go, Nola’s favorite vendors like Blue Oak BBQ and Boucherie pull through with the great plates of the south. The night before the festival also hails the Feast Under the Stars: a 5-course banquet from 5 of the best chefs in New Orleans, paired with carefully chosen, elegant wine. Needless to say, we will all be well fed and hydrated for this festival. But let’s say we want to get a little dehydrated- for a wide variety of beer on tap, Dat Brew Beer Hall is the spot! Or if you’re in the mood for some creative themed drinks, then check out Bacardi Bay!

Given the dope line up, the food and drink, it seems like the festival could not get anymore badass… until it does. With markets, activities, and art installations that will conjure the happy chemicals in your brain, Voodoo truly nails the festival experience. There is a little something for everyone, and not a moment during the three days will you NOT have something kickass to see, do, or hear. Through Voodoo’s music, food, drinks, and art, it is clear as to why they claim themselves to be an experience rather than just a plain old festival. In fact, this Halloween weekend might just be the best one yet. Get your tickets here– before it’s too late!




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