Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ Ranked

On March 27, Tyler, the Creator announced that he would release a deluxe version of his 2021 Grammy award-winning album Call Me If You Get Lost. This extension, titled The Estate Sale, will feature at least five new songs from the album’s recording sessions, including the latest single, “DOGTOOTH.” With this exciting news, one might be inclined to revisit the original album just days before getting new music. So, that is what we are going to do here today. I am going to be ranking all 14 songs (excluding the two interludes “MOMMA TALK” and “BLESSED”) from worst to best.

14. Sir Baudelaire feat. DJ Drama

It is fitting to begin the ranking of the album with the intro to the album. “Sir Baudelaire,” clocking in at just under 90 seconds, barely counts as a song. However, it is such a great song. Trust me. There’s no low point on this album. Between the classic opening line, great bars from Tyler, and Drama shouting all over this record, it’s hard not to love.

13. RunItUp feat. Teezo Touchdown

This song should have been called “pick me up” because it is perfect for that. This song hits your ears like a group of friends hyping you up with that chorus of shouting on the hook. Newcomer Teezo Touchdown is a welcome presence on the track as well. His “running like a politician” line constantly gets stuck in my head.

12. Rise! feat. Daisy World

Unfortunately, I can’t make the same joke twice in a row, but this song also helps raise your spirits (see what I did there?). It is an excellent soundtrack for your ego at its most prominent. Tyler is as braggadocious as ever on his bars, reminding everybody how he has risen above them. Daisy World laces her beautiful vocals across this song phenomenally, even getting her own verse that fits nicely in the middle.

11. Safari

“Safari” marks the album’s final song, and boy, is it a closer. You know this is a good album when I’m saying that before cracking the top 10. After the transparency and vulnerability of the prior track, Tyler is back on, his boastfulness in full force. Over a triumphant trumpet instrumental, he outlines how much of a world traveler he has become. We don’t want to end the album on a downer after all.

10. Massa

I love how the transitions between songs sound like elevator music in a good way. For the actual song, we get a lot more of an idea of Tyler’s mindset on a deeper level. He tells us stories about his come-up, relationships, and outlook on love. It is quite a revealing song among classic Tyler lines such as “I wash my hands ‘fore I piss.”

9. Lumberjack

This song was a weird choice for a lead single to the album, but that doesn’t make it any less unforgettable. This song is a straightforward rap banger from Tyler. We get some great verses and a killer hook over a heavy-bumping instrumental. One of the standout lines for me is the classic “My n***a tall, he look like a b***h, I call him Mulan.” Having fellow Odd Future alumni Jasper shouting all over the song is a nice touch.

8. Corso

This was one of the first songs I memorized from the album, and it just has so many great lines throughout it. So, instead of talking about it, here are my five favorite bars from the song:

“Catch me in my other-other-other-other crib. That’s my AKA.”

“He ain’t talk to his b***h in three days. It ain’t gotta be this way. I’m down for the threesome.”

“She say she like the Royce, and I’m like ‘Which One?’”

“In the end, she picked him. I hope when they fuckin’ she still thinkin’ of me ’cause I’m that perfect.”

“Remembered I was rich, so I bought me some new emotions and a new boat ’cause I’d rather cry in the ocean.”

7. Lemonhead feat. 42 Dugg

God, this song hits hard. As soon as those first horns come in, you know you’re in for another banger. The excellent instrumental, fantastic Tyler verse, and a great feature from 42 Dugg make it a near-perfect rap song. This was one of the last collaborations I expected on a Tyler album, but I am so glad it happened.

6. Manifesto feat. Domo Genesis

This track is another terrific showcase of why Tyler is a great rapper. He and Domo Genesis slide throughout this song, calling out people for their performative activism. The instrumental is astounding, with a hard-hitting beat and a killer sample.

5. Juggernaut w/ Lil Uzi Vert & Pharrell Williams

Another perfect banger. Thank you, Tyler. Also, thank you, Uzi and Pharrell. The world would benefit from more Tyler/Uzi collaborations. Lil Uzi comes in hot with a “skrrtt” in his verse and keeps the energy throughout. Pharrell does even more than produce this time; he also gives a commendable performance on his verse. The only crime this song committed was not being longer, kind of like our next song.

4. Hot Wind Blows feat. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne. That’s it, that’s the review. Wayne can’t help but kill any verse he touches. I needed more collaborations with him and Tyler yesterday. They already have a decent amount, but we NEED more. Tyler does excellent on here as well. His verse has some great lines, and the production has a beautiful sample under it. I’m just a Lil Wayne shill.

3. Wilshire

Don’t let the length of this track steer you away, trust me. It’s worth it. This song is one of my personal favorites on the record. I just love the rawness of the seven straight minutes of storytelling coupled with a 1.5-minute outro of spoken-word pondering. He says some pretty profound things on that outro as well. I can’t do it justice, so please listen to this one.

2. Wusyaname feat. NBA YoungBoy & Ty Dolla $ign

Usually, I’d complain about this song being too short, but I think this song is the perfect length. It doesn’t need any more or any less. Tyler did his thing with this one: a bouncy R&B beat with Ty Dolla $ign’s godlike vocals. Tyler has the best opening line on any song he’s ever made. A frankly fantastic NBA YoungBoy verse. What more could you ask for?

1. Sweet / I Thought You Wanted To Dance feat. Brent Faiyaz & Fana Hues

There’s just so much to love about this song. I don’t even know where to start. Nine minutes and 47 seconds of pure audio bliss. There is enough going on in the song to keep anybody interested. The sweet, catchy chorus on, well, “Sweet.” Brent Faiyaz’s angelic vocals; The masterful beat switch into the second part; Fana Hues is also playing the girl Tyler is talking to with her stunning vocals; Tyler’s impactful verse near the end and the sweet yet heartbreaking outro. Seriously, listen to this song.

Matter of fact, you should listen to this entire album. I hope you all enjoyed that list. Every song is excellent, but they all work together as a cohesive body of work. Before we get a bunch of extra songs on March 31, prepare yourself with the original. I promise it will be a treat.

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