Todrick Hall Releases New Music Video, ‘Y.A.S.’

Todrick hall and his music

American singer Todrick Hall makes a comeback with his new music video, ‘Y.A.S.’! The diss track featuring Tiffany Pollard was released on May 1, 2023 as part of his Roach Killaz album. Todrick first made his debut as a competitor on American Idol season 9. Later, he gained a large following on YouTube with original songs, cover songs, and comedy skits.

As previously stated, ‘Y.A.S.’ is a diss track. The title is an abbreviation for “You Ain’t Sh*t”, as Todrick and Tiffany rap about their ex partner’s behavior and diss their family for raising such a horrible person. But while the message of the song is very straightforward, let’s take a look at Todrick’s visual approach for the music video!

Lots Of Musical References

The extended track and the music video make a lot of references to different music genres and artists. The track starts with Todrick’s electronic club music style while the visuals maintain an old western setting. About two minutes in, he makes a smooth transition into modern country before switching to an upbeat bluegrass tone. Next, the scene slides into ballet, with Todrick and two other dancers dancing to ‘Dance of the Sugar Plus Fairy‘. After this, the scene transitions to a parody of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller‘, complete with Todrick in full costume from the original ‘Thriller’ video and the classic dance to boot. Following the theme of pop hits, we have a parody of ‘Macarena‘, with Todrick in 90s/2000s clothing and him and his dancers doing the Macarena. Next, he and his crew literally jump into a parody of Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That‘.

Next, we briefly step away from pop artists and bring in ‘Under The Sea‘ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989). This part of the video is the most extravagant, as it features Todrick in his glamorous Sebastian costume, background dancers dressed as fish, and Tiffany Pollard as the film’s main character, Ariel. There is also a green screen with an extravagant ocean background along with a few stage decorations. Moving back to popular music artists, we see a reference to Lady Gaga. Todrick and his team don fabulous makeup and wardrobe inspired by the iconic artist. Finally, Todrick takes is home with a Broadway musical number, complete with bright lights, glamorous costumes, and a stage with smiling poop emojis.

Final thoughts

There were so many creative twists and turns with this music video. It was clear throughout the production that Todrick and his team had a lot of fun with each bit. The video was well thought out and choreographed to perfection. Even though it was already eight minutes long, I was left wanting even more. He is very well known for his extravagant productions. In my opinion, this one takes the cake for his best work.

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