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Whenever I’m getting ready for class, one of my “must haves” is my Airpods. Once that’s out of the way, I make sure I have my playlist set for my 40-minute walk to class. Only the perfect playlist can give me that “main character” energy. You know, the feeling like I’m living in a movie, where everyone is watching me walk around campus.

There isn’t a specific playlist for this feeling, and it can change every day. I’ve made multiple playlists and written about them. With the change of the seasons, I felt it was only right that I made a new playlist dedicated to my favorite fall songs.

But what makes a song a “fall song”? When I think of the perfect fall song, I think of slow songs that have a little bit of twang to them. One that doesn’t sound depressing, at least through its sound. It’s the songs that make you want to just sit outside and give yourself time to think. Music to reflect on the past year, as it’s slowly coming to an end.

“Lights Up”- Harry Styles

The Best GIFs From Harry Styles's 'Lights Up' Music Video

This song came out at the beginning of October in 2019, and the rest of the album came out in December. So honestly any song from Fine Line gives me these cold vibes. But this single was the beginning of it all. Since it was the only new Harry music we’ve had since 2017 this song was on replay.

“Seeing Blind”- Niall Horan

Niall Horan - Flicker [Deluxe Edition] - Music

Even though this album came out 5 years ago, it comes back around in my “On Repeat” playlist every fall. This whole album has a little bit of twang to it that just reminds me of falling leaves and chilly weather. It’s dipping into country music but at the perfect amount, with Maren Morris’s voice and the subtle soft folk guitar sound.

“Almost in Love”- Olivia O’Brien

Almost In Love - song by Olivia O'Brien | Spotify

We all get in our feels during fall, right? This song always reminds me of my freshman year fall semester when I was going THROUGH IT. This track always transports me back to walking around my campus in the cold weather, so it was only right I added this to the playlist.

“october (rosaria’s song)”- Tom the Mail Man

Tom The Mail Man – October (Rosaria's Song) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I knew that I had to include this song solely for the reason that it has October in its title. This one is the shortest of them all, but it really puts you in a trance. No matter what time of year it is, it’ll take you back to the first time you listened to it. Maybe you were sitting on the green on campus studying for finals, ready to go home for the holidays.

“sanguine paradise”- lil uzi vert

Sanguine Paradise - Wikipedia

This song doubled as my go-to party song and a feels song. It played a lot when I went partying my freshman year. Every time I listen to it I have that nostalgic feeling of going out with my new friends and having a good time.

So now as we fall back into the slower, more reflective time of year… what songs will you be playing?

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