Noah Kahan And Hozier Collab On A New “Northern Attitude”

Singer and songwriter Noah Kahan has been one of the most talked about acts of 2023. Ever since the release of his third studio album, Stick Season, in October of 2022, fans have fallen in love with Kahan’s unique sound. It’s a mixture of folk and pop, with layered earthy vibes. Kahan recently gave his fans even more to swoon over. He announced the re-recording of his song, “Northern Attitude” with Hozier, naturally sending listeners into a frenzy.

Kahan’s Dream Come True

As it turns out, popular artists can still be diehard fans of other musicians. Noah Kahan expressed multiple times on his social media what a moment it was for him to work with Hozier, specifically on TikTok.


Can you believe this lol it’s hozier on my song and I won’t ever be over it #newmusic #fyp #northernattitude #hozier #noahkahan #noahkahanmusic #stickseason

♬ original sound – Noah Kahan

On a TikTok post on November 2nd, Kahan wrote:

“Should also say: until you have sat in front of this man and heard him sing live it is hard to describe in words his true talent and power.”

When Kahan first announced the collaboration, he posted a cheeky TikTok video informing fans that they could no longer listen to the original version of “Northern Attitude.”

He then goes on to say that fans are now only allowed to listen to the new version, as it’s a non-negotiable. Noah Kahan’s admiration and appreciation towards Hozier is extremely noticeable, leaving fans even more excited to see these two collab.

What Do Fans Think?

When Noah Kahan first posted about the collaboration on Instagram, the response to the release was nothing short of extremely positive. Topped with a heartfelt dedication to Hozier and his talent, fans were eager to let Kahan know their thoughts on the piece.

Just under this original post alone, there are over a thousand comments, most praising Kahan and Hozier’s collaboration. One even requested Hozier to add Kahan to his famous “Work Song.”

Fans comment on Noah Kahan's post.

Even the iconic Niall Horan had something positive to say about the song on Twitter. This stirred up tons of media attention, getting listeners who weren’t familiar with Kahan or Hozier intrigued about this new song.

Niall Horan shares his take on "Northern Attitude."

And of course, TikTok has been providing us with a ton of edits and memes.

There’s no doubt that social media has been flooded with comments on “Northern Attitude” and the positive impact it’s had on fans. The combination of Kahan and Hozier’s distinct voices create a beautiful piece, enhancing the already astonishing lyricism.

From Twitter to Instagram to TikTok, fans can agree: this is the song of the season.


Have you had a chance to listen to “Northern Attitude?” What do you think of this seemingly successful pairing? Noah Kahan and Hozier will both be on tour in 2024. Be sure to snag tickets and maybe you’ll hear “Northern Attitude” live!

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