The People Have Spoken | Okeechobee Music Festival is Back

In many ways, 2016 was a simpler time. So much has changed in the music industry four short years- and just a glimpse of the original Okeechobee line can prove that.

Attendees to the inaugural show were blessed with a performance by the late, great Mac Miller. Super star Post Malone’s name is written somewhere deep within the small print, a filler act at the time. Yet headliners like Mumford, Kendrick, and Bassnectar have proved themselves as legends, withstanding the tests of time. How a no-name festival in the swamps of Florida was able to book a perfect blend of upcoming talent and artists for the ages… is beyond me.

A line up like this from a first year festival was unprecedented. As an attendee of the first year, I myself was shocked at not only the quality of the performers, but the overall production. Everything flowed so smoothly. Promising camping conditions during March in Florida is another risk that somehow paid of in their favor.

I was promised three days of music, sunshine, and memories at the campground and that is exactly what I got. To no ones surprise, Okeechobee went on to celebrate another two years of success. OMF began to develop a reputation for their diverse line up and pristine production. The crowd grew from mainly Floridians to music lovers from all over the country- quickly on track to becoming the Florida equivalent of Coachella or Bonnaroo. Until, it just stopped.

In early 2019, the official Instagram account got suspiciously quiet. The pre-sale tickets were never released, and there was little to no buzz around potential line up leaks. Fans everywhere were left scratching their heads, until Team Okeechobee finally broke their silence.

The general consensus was disappointment and shock. Quite a bold move to cancel when the festival was building such a great momentum and reputatation within the industry. Fans had no choice but to sit this year out and hope for the best.

Fast forward to August 2019, fans receive confirmation that the portal has officially re-opened! So what’s changed?

From what we can gather, the biggest change is new ownership. Previously run by a company called Soundslinger, Chobee will now be put on by the world famous Insomniac Events. Despite being known for their EDM production, Insomniac stuck to the diverse all genre line up fans know and love. A concern many fans had once hearing them news of the Insomniac ownership was the event would become more EDM heavy.

As far as venue goes, it will be held in the same gorgeous Sunshine Grove and we can still boogie into the late night at Jungle 51. From the looks of it, the Okeechobee we know and love is back and it’s better. We can’t wait for another year in the portal!

Get your tickets and view the 2020 line here!

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