The Disco Biscuits make it clear early on that they weren't messing around at this years annual Bisco Inferno in Denver, Colorado.

Risk it for the (Disco) Biscuits

Memorial Day weekend always brings about the first whispers of a summer just around the corner almost anywhere you are. This years Denver scene brought out the annual Disco Biscuit spectacle “Bisco Inferno”. A four day event. The first three days at Denver’s Ogden Theatre, and one final night at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

The Disco Biscuits have been together since 1995. They create a unique style of music, pulling sounds from rock, electronic and jazz. The result is a trance-fusion style jam band. Their sound, similar yet oh so different to that of The String Cheese Incident or Lotus, was first heard at frat parties all around Philly, and continues today to bring out the inner rowdy in us all.

The biscuits make it clear early on that they weren’t messing around. One of the few groups to play multiple sets in one night, The Disco Biscuits GOT AFTER IT every minute of their 3 hour and 37 minute show, embodying a true and pure jam sesh to the fullest extent.

To see a band play in the same city four nights in a row and still deliver us the beauty that was those 217 minutes is sheer blasphemy. If you’re not wondering what goes on behind the scenes to bring something so epic come to life, you’re just lying. I’m not sure there are enough questions in the world that could make me understand what it takes to throw down four consecutive nights of madness, each one seemingly more bananas than the last; however, twitter did uncover one answer worth mentioning. DB bassist Marc Brownstein details some of his pre-show rituals include looking at “pictures of goats doing funny stuff”. Consider that my next google search.

The Disco Biscuits are known to the ear for music that can make even a shy girl without a dancing bone in her body (@me) want to get down with it. But, let’s not forget what they can do for your eyes: an exceptional light show. Red Rocks is one of the best venues as far as lasers go. Stadium-style rows make every row feel like front row and massive natural rock formations standing 300 feet tall, perfect for light beams to be bounced off of. From the first chord to the last, layers of color-changing and even pattern-changing lasers create an indescribable view to the front, while simultaneously displaying the Disco Biscuits logo on the rocks enclosing the monoliths at the back of the venue.

Sunday’s set one began with “Bionic Helix,” an adaption of their popular jam “Helicopters”. The first song of the show, let alone the first half, was enough to blow my mind into a portal to an empty head; the intermission left me quite literally begging for more. The band, notorious for destroying the laser game in their second set, came out for a set two that somehow managed to go even harder than the first.

Reaching the end of set two, the Biscuits tried (keyword, tried) to say goodnight after playing the last notes of fifteen minute “Therapy”. For those of you who haven’t seen a DB show, you’d think after almost four hours you’d be fulfilled, right? Wrong. Crowd goers rejected this as the nights end and demanded more. The Disco Biscuits came back to crush an encore with a relentless “On Time” to close out Bisco Inferno 2018.

To say that the quartet did not disappoint is a WILD understatement.

Well done, boys.

Risk it for the (Disco) Biscuits
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Risk it for the (Disco) Biscuits
The Disco Biscuits make it clear early on that they weren't messing around at this years annual Bisco Inferno in Denver, Colorado.
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