Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky Was a Revelation

This past Saturday, electronic mastermind Porter Robinson blessed us with the stimulating and moving day-long festival, Secret Sky. For over 12 hours, fans were treated to a variety of incredible sets from a wide range of electronic musicians, including Porter himself (twice). While the live festivities may have ended, all of the sets are still streaming on Youtube, so here’s a list of my personal favorites that you can go watch RIGHT NOW! The vibes are impeccable, so get strapped in and enjoy the ride!

DJ Potaro

This fun throwback set features DJ Potaro, a cute and cuddly alias Porter gave himself to throw down some classic 2010’s electronic bangers. Everything from Wolfgang Gartner to the Bloody Beetroots and even some classic Porter are here. If you’re looking to have some fun with some goofy DJ tags and nostalgic beats, this daytime set is for you.


Anamanaguchi is a chiptune band that plays fast paced, high octane rock that’s full of video game sound effects and 8-bit instrumentation. While the vibe may be as light and airy as their fellow Secret Sky performers, this 4 piece exudes Dance Dance Revolution on speed energy and comes through with a 45 minute set of fist pumping RAWK. Give this set a listen if you’re in need of some energy, or just want more music like the 8-bit backdrops of Scott Pilgrim (which they did on the soundtrack!) HANA, Hatsune Miku and Meesh make guest appearances.

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf, much like Porter, makes music that’s the perfect blend of blissful serenity and nostalgic emotions. His set, full of indie pop and pillowy bass, will bring a tear to your eye as quickly as it will make you get up and dance. Not to mention, his visuals are on point. Bright neon colors and cityscapes, as well as deserts and lightning storms, keep the music alive and vibrant. Fan favorite “Indian Summer” is absent, but the amount of blissful Jai Wolf cuts make this set memorable and affecting, so give it a watch for sure!

G Jones

At only a half hour long, G Jones’ set serves as the dark, deep web counterpart to Secret Sky’s euphoric bliss. Wrapped in black and white with heady glitchy visuals, G Jones drops nonstop bangers, exploring the realms of experimental bass, IDM and acid house. He pays homage to the classics, and shows what he does to move retro sounds into the future. He’s cutting edge, abrasive, and mesmerizing. Highlight for me: his mix of “Da Funk” by Daft Punk with his “Help i Can’t Find My Way Out” while Pac-Man themed visuals accompany the heady chaos. A mouthwatering, tantalizing set for the bassheads in need of something a bit more menacing.

Porter Robinson

How could I not include Porter here? The whole festival was his idea! During his 70+ minute set, Porter is in top form, including many of his best cuts and edits, as well as his new singles “Something Comforting” and “Get Your Wish”. This set is chock full of chiptune vocals, enveloping drops and endless tugging on the heartstrings. Look me dead in the eyes and tell me you didn’t shed a tear when he dropped “Language” with “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne; you can’t. Add hilarious and emotional tracks by Lil B and a remix of “Something Comforting” featuring Japanese vocaloid artist Hatsune Miku, and the set is over. At an hour and 13 minutes, by the time “Goodbye to a World” rounds out the set, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t up and dancing with Porter. A beautiful, gorgeous set by a young DJ full of promise and brimming with genius and good vibes. Porter’s set is truly art.

Did you get a chance to catch any Secret Sky sets? Who were your favorites?

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