Polo and Pan Dazzle Los Angeles | Show Review

I remember the first time I was introduced to Polo and Pan so vividly. A friend of mine played their Cercle set on YouTube and I was immediately enamored by their unique sound, hypnotic visuals, and the energy of the crowd. The French duo had the audience totally mesmerized, and I knew one day I had to be at a show myself.

Two crazy pandemic years later, the opportunity finally arose! I was given the chance to review their most recent show in Los Angeles, and what a show it was. Let’s get into it!


This stop of the Cyclorama tour was hosted at The Shrine Auditorium, located on USC’s campus near downtown. As a music blogger and LA local, I’ve been to most venues at least once, but this one was actually a first. Since it was a sold-out show, I was interested to see if the space would feel claustrophobic. The Shrine gave fans plenty of room to boogie. I had no complaints with the bird’s eye view from the VIP section either.

Being able to watch the crowd from above was such a unique experience. The energy in the room was SO HIGH. I loved looking out and watching groups of friends take pictures together and dance. It felt like I was watching people make memories in slow motion. All eyes hit the stage as soon as the light went low, screams erupted, it was time for the show!


As soon as Polo & Pan walked out in their matching unitard’s, I knew we were in for a treat. Paul Armand-Delille (Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Pan) have amazing artistic chemistry together. Their brotherhood translates not only in their music, but their stage presences as well. You can see that they have been on this journey together a long time, and just get each other. I find oftentimes, especially with EDM shows, they can feel over rehearsed or staged. This just felt like a jam sesh with friends. As amazing as the guys are, there is no denying their “mystery woman” stole the show.

If you’re anything like me, you found yourself googling “Who is the girl on tour with Polo & Pan?” After some research, I found Vicotria Lafaurie, who I’m convinced might be the coolest girl in the Universe. She commanded the crowd with her unique French vocals, contemporary dance moves, and killer wardrobe. Oozing that effortless cool French girl vibe with talent to back it up. Oh, to be her! Maybe in my next life.

With this being the Cyclorama tour, obviously they are here to perform the new album. Being a fan for years I was hoping for a mix of new tunes with old classics, and they totally delivered. Their charting single “Ani Kuni” from their new album made the cut along with “Feel Good”, “Tunnel” and “Magic.” “Tunnel” is my personal favorite off the new album.

Their subtle yet engrossing visuals did not disappoint. The vibrant colors pull you in and tell a story to match the tune. Their music always takes me away to a tropical paradise, somewhere like Tulum or St. Tropez. We even traveled back in time a bit with throwbacks like “Nana” and “Canopee”.


The show was amazing, so my list of critiques is short! My only note would be their final song, they ended a rowdy evening with one of their slower songs “Peter Pan.” I’m the type of fan who likes to go out with a bang- so I figured they would close the show out with something more upbeat.

But I get their choice artistically, something chill to wind the crowd down. The fans were going absolutely nuts begging for an encore, but unfortunately, they gave us everything they had. We would have to savor the songs we were given and be on our way.


Having seen the show firsthand I can verify you won’t be disappointed. The Cyclorama Tour will be continuing throughout the rest of the spring and into the fall. Check to see if they are coming to a city near you- and snag those tickets while you can!

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