Nü Androids: Revamping the D.C. Music Scene One Event At a Time

Here in the U.S., the EDM scene is escalating to new heights year by year. Yet for some reason, only major cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Las Vegas, have that TRULY popping live event scene. America is a huge country, with tons of major cities, which makes me wonder… why do some areas prioritize live music events more than others? 

I suppose it’s really up to the people in each city’s community to mold their own culture. Luckily, our nation’s capital has Nü Androids, to revolutionize its own community of live dance music. A D.C. brand started with the intentions of spreading their ideals from city to city.


I may not be from the Washington D.C. area, but I have visited enough to come to the conclusion that its definitely not an “EDM” city. Well, let’s just say the genre is not as prioritized as maybe Miami or New York.

Yet somehow at every event that I’ve attended there, I’ve realized that those individuals who do prioritize it value it immensely. Don’t get me wrong, D.C. has some pretty stunning venues like Flash, or the popular Echostage. Besides a few other noteworthy nightclubs, that’s pretty much were it ends. Nothing about the live music scene had evolved much, until a few years ago when Nü Androids completely changed the game.

The Nü Androids gang has aided in revamping the D.C. music scene over the past couple of years. They call themselves,

a community of music enthusiasts constantly seeking artists that are pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music to come perform at our events“,

and that is exactly what every single one of their events consists of. Instead of booking a high-in-demand artist at a massive venue, they find the most low-key, innovative spaces around the city that are able to host a true underground dance music event, and the fans are totally here for it.

During my last D.C. visit, I got to see my favorite Aussie duo Dom Dolla and Sonny Fodera go back to back on a Friday night. CONFESSION label’s mysterious MALAA threw down the house on Saturday night inside of a rustic rented out D.C. brewery.

Yes, an actual beer brewery if you were wondering if you read that right. The energy and the vibes in the air felt so eccentric and so pure at both shows. A feeling most of us crave these days.

Everyone was just there for one reason and for one reason only: to listen to their favorite music, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Nü Androids have welcomed other prominent electronic music artists like Chris Lorenzo, Tchami, Mija, Moon Boots, Justin Jay, Claptone, Snakehips, and many more to perform at their past one-of-a-kind events. They’re also the masterminds behind the striking SünDown DJ parties at Flash Rooftop, which I would also 10/10 recommend attending if you’re ever in the D.C. area.

Just as musical styles develop over time, the quality of live music events needs to progress simultaneously. Hosting these type of events is a concept meant to allow attendees to be free and flourish in their element, and it’s amazing to see what a local community of music lovers has done for so many individuals in such a significant city. One group of people’s shared passions led to one simple idea, and the rest has been history. Being a part of these events has inspired my outlook on what our dance culture needs more of, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Nü Androids team and all event attendees involved in their productions!

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