Verzache! Verzache! Verzache!

Zach Farache, better known as “Verzache”, has introduced himself as one of the most innovative artists to come out of Toronto.

Coming on to the scene at just 21 years old, Zach has shown a surprising amount of depth for his age. His sound is an intricate blend of new wave hip-hop and beats of the past. His career began like most modern rappers, starting out on streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. His growth on these platforms catapulted both his views, and his reputation, in the music industry. His experimental acoustic sounds label him as a one of a kind producer, which leaves all of us asking “How did he create his unique sound?”.

Spotify released a short biography section for Verzache explaining his biggest inspirations. James Blake, Bon Iver, and Toro y Moi are some of the names listed; however, in a interview with Zach he explained that Playboi Carti, one of hip-hops favorited artists, was his most inspirational figure for his music. Zach remains humble toward his fast growth and success as an unconventional artist.

Needs cover by Verzache

Verzache’s monthly listener rate has overpassed two million views within the past year and is increasing daily. His most streamed song on Spotify, “Needs”, has over 37 million views.

The song is a beautiful combination of hiphop, indie, and electronic music. Verzache’s vocals compliment his perfectly produced acoustic sounds, and complete the songs message with preciseness. Combining acoustic sounds with hip-hop tempos is a new approach that I think we may see a lot more of.

Waiting for You cover by Verzache

From the vocals, to instruments, Verzache has proved himself to be an all around artists. We are excited to see where is career goes in the future. Below is a link to his newest released album named “Thought Pool”.

Thought Pool by Verzache:

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