No Confusion: Rebelution is the Solution

After 14 years of making music, Cali based reggae band “Rebelution” announced the release of their new album “Free Rein” just two short weeks ago. The band’s four members took the stage at Sunset Cove Amphitheater last Saturday night in Boca Raton, FL.

With a name like “Sunset Cove,” expectations for the venue were set high since the ticket confirmation page. As we prepared for one of the first live performances of “Free Rein,” the amphitheater prepared for their very own take on the album title with the looming daily thunderstorm, threatening its own free rain. However, just like Rebelution tells it, we were “too blessed to be stressed;” as the storm clouds rolled out, cotton candy skies painted themselves over the lake surrounding the venue to serve as the backdrop for a reggae filled night.

Openers included DJ Mackle, Zion I, Common Kings, and Stephen Marley, all lucky enough not only to have their own sets, but also to make guest appearances on  collaborations during Rebelution’s set.  

While a select few off the new compilation were debuted for the first time at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival before its official release on June 15th, dropping a new album a mere 8 days prior to the Boca Raton show opened the door for a lingering skepticism regarding a setlist.  However, finding the perfect balance between old and new, the band’s choices left us all “Feeling Alright.”

From the first note played by vocalist and guitarist Eric Rachmany to the last strum from bassist Marley D. Williams, the crowd was mesmerized.  Off their new release, the band started with “Celebrate,” kept it going with “Healing,” and gave us “Legend” as part of their encore.

As far as their classics go, Rebelution showed the hell up. The night wouldn’t have been complete without the whole crowd singing along to “Count Me In.” Not that anyone really needed the affirmation, but, Let ME tell YOU, there’s “nothing like roots reggae music,” lyrics the band soulfully serenaded us with as proof early on.  Lastly, you can’t forget, and you better believe the band didn’t forget, to mirror the crowd’s state of mind with “So High.”

An end to the show came too fast too soon, but as they began to “Fade Away,” the memories they left us with would not soon do the same.  The band gave us all they had with their final few in an encore comprised of “Inhale Exhale,” a request to which the audience obliged happily, “Legend,” off their new album, and “Destress,” as if anyone needed to do that after the show they put on.

To get your chance at seeing Rebelution on tour for their new album, “Free Rein,” (available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all music streaming platforms alike) check out their website for their tour schedule.

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