Jisoo Drops Her Anticipated Solo Album With Disappointing Results

Blackpink’s Jisoo released her solo debut album, Me, last Friday, March 31. The first song was teased during Blackpink’s 2022 Born Pink World Tour with the full album announced in early March. The album comes after the groups 2022 release Born Pink. This album saw the group’s first album with less than positive reactions from fans and critics. With this new mini album, fans have been wondering how it compares to the groups work and if it shows artistic potential for Jisoo as a solo act. Despite expecting a full body of work, this “album” has only two songs. This is common in the KPOP world, but unheard of in western music.

Song 1- “Flower”

This song is the main single of the two songs released on this album. The track features solid vocal work by Jisoo with a mid-2010’s production backing these vocals. The song has a playful quality with upbeat strings over the bassline and drums. The lyrics, when translated, discuss a love that died like a flower. Jisoo compares herself to flowers multiple times, discusses the weather, and the scent of flowers. While this comparison is an overused trope in popular music, Jisoo adds her own spin with creative lyrics and production that evokes a summery, flower-like sound.

Song 2- “All Eyes On Me”

This is the second and final song on the album. The song opens with bright and sharp synths with a reggaeton-inspired groove following. This song is noticeably more upbeat than the other track, and feels more inspired by the groups solo music. The lyrics, when translated, discuss a blossoming love, with Jisoo telling her lover to not keep his eyes on her. The song is fun and playful, yet feels like a slightly more upbeat version of Flower.

Final Thoughts

Jisoo’s solo project shows that she can handle a full debut by herself. Her vocals are excellent, and she does her best with the material here. However, if Blackpink or any of its members want to be taken more seriously, they need better producers and writers. Right now, Blackpink has the reputation of being mediocre among KPOP fans. Each members solo projects have the potential to garner new fans, and build personal brands for each member. However, the results so far have been pure extensions of the groups music. In addition, two songs for a full length album release is not nearly enough content for all the promotion done by their label. Hopefully, Blackpink can embark on a journey of artistic growth. Until then, we only have these two songs in the meantime.

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