III Points Artist Spotlight: Egyptian Lover

I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful world where hip-hop and electronic music collide, created by none other than Egyptian Lover. As he continuously brings mixing back to its roots, Gregory Broussard is as innovative as he is original.

Channeling inspiration from Prince to Zapp and spending time at dance clubs around Los Angeles, Gregory Broussard found his own sound. After releasing multiple singles, Egypt Egypt being the most popular, Gregory took a ten year break. He got back in the music game by releasing a full length album: Back From The Tomb.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see an artist, after so many years, stick to their craft and genre. Watching a creative like Egyptian Lover constantly strive to create, change, yet keep it old school, just screams passion.

The coolest thing about Egyptian Lover is that, to this day, he continues to use ALL analog equipment. He has been called as the king of the Roland TR-808.

In an interview with The Guardian, Gregory talks about how he got in the industry: “I started out as a dancer,” he says, “and I used to go to the clubs to dance. Then I became a DJ, and I knew what records or what parts of the records to play. Everybody liked these certain parts, so I would extend the breakdowns, put more breakdowns over the breakdowns, then more breakdowns and beats, because that’s what I wanted to dance to. When I was watching the crowd dance to certain records, they’d love the beats, they didn’t need to have words. I put the words on there so people know the name of the song.” You can read more of the interview here.

You can see Egyptian Lover at III Points Music Festival in Miami, Florida February 15-17. Tickets and payment plans are still available for purchase here.

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