Harry House Feels Like Coming Home

All of Harry Styles’ fandom has been impatiently waiting for his new album: Harry’s House. The album recently dropped, shocking many fans and consumers. In 2022, specifically, Harry Styles has successfully stepped out of his Boy Band reputation, making a mark in both the fashion and music industry.

From elaborate and creative outfits, to his new sound in music, Styles has changed the scene immensely. Harry’s House is a mix of soft electronic, disco, and pop songs that come together to get people to feel a sense of comfort and ease. Whether someone liked Harry Styles’ music before or not, this new album he will undoubtedly increase his variety of fans.

Let’s Talk Discography

This album is an eclectic mix of songs that I would play while cooking, drinking wine, or chatting with my closest friends. The slow beats can be both relaxing and energetic, depending on which song you are listening to.

“Late Night Talking” is the second song on the album and it is obvious that the goal is to get people to dance around the living room. I can just see myself with a drink in my hands and my best friends dancing next to me. On the other hand, “Daylight” is a love song that you may listen to with the windows down at sunset. Harry Styles has a specific aesthetic in mind when he writes and it shows. He wants these visions to come to life and in my opinion, he does an excellent job.

There has been some critiques about Harry Styles’ new sound because of how different it is from his past work. Whenever artists change their sounds or vibes, people have opinions about it. The seventh song, “Matilda,” includes heart hitting lyrics that forces people to think deeply, which some may find intimidating.

In this song, Harry sounds like he is talking to a young girl that has had a difficult upbringing and he is encouraging her to stay strong throughout her life. Multiple people wrote “Matilda” which helped it to become so creative and emotional. The team of writers who worked with Styles were Amy Allen, Kid Harpoon, and Tyler Johnson. This team was able to create a song that holds emotional and entertainment elements.

Does Harry’s House Hit Home?

All in all, I think Harry’s House is a risk, but one that Styles was ready to take. No one can hold back and keep the same sound for the rest of their life, this is how music changes and develops. Music is made to help people convey what they are feeling. Harry Styles knew exactly what he was doing when writing his new album.

Styles is making his mark by doing things that are different from the typical music industry. For example, he is hosting pop up events in multiple different cities in order to debut his album. You can go here https://shopus.hstyles.co.uk/pages/harrys-house-pop-up for more information!

The Long Awaited Album: Harry's House
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The Long Awaited Album: Harry's House
Harry Styles' third solo album just dropped and everyone has been beyond excited and I can see why!
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