Let’s Talk About Cody Ko’s Transition From YouTube to Music

YouTuber, podcaster, and newly-coined EDM star Cody Ko just dropped a brand new single “Not Going Home.” Released on November 10th, this comes as his second single of the year.

Who is Cody Ko?

Cody Kolodziejzyk, also known as Cody Ko, is a YouTuber known for his comedic content. With over five separate channels amassing more than nine million subscribers, Ko’s established himself as a mainstay in the community.

Cody Ko has been making videos since 2017, ranging from to podcasts to commentary videos to the occasional vlog. Some of his most popular content comes from collaborations with longtime friend Noel Miller.

The duo went on to dabble briefly in music themselves—with hits featuring collaborations from blackbear and Quinn XCII. Although Cody’s most famously known for his comedy, he’s no stranger to the art of making music.

His Musical Journey

While this transition may seem random and sudden to some, it’s actually been years in the making. Cody and Noel began producing and preforming music back in 2018. But Ko’s solo career really took four years later, after a brief musical hiatus.

Cody collaborated with Matt Miggz in 2022 releasing a brand-new single “Fiat.” This track was the perfect example of satire done right: it was a funny take on finance bros and cryptocurrency backed by an actually good beat. The catchy single sparked a fire for Ko’s music, as he’d finally found a groove in the expanse of electronic-ish music.

Ko then went on to collaborate twice with DJ duo Space Rangers, releasing “Moderation” last December and “Bop It” in September. Although each song comes with humorous lyrics, they’re written and sung in a much more subtle way. “Bop It” cleverly samples the iconic toy’s beat to make a catchy song unlike any other.

Backed with intense synthesizers and samples and a much higher production value, these songs feel much more EDM than Ko’s previous work—like straight off of some house party’s playlist.

Not Going Home

“Not Going Home” is Cody’s first collaboration with Sunday Scaries, a DJ duo based in LA. Along with the single, Ko dropped a brand new music video. With drunken jail time and DJing cops, the video really plays into the comedic aspects of the track.

It’s not just a catchy song, it’s funny too.

The comments were filled with tons of praise for Ko’s most recent EDM endeavor:

Listeners had been already loving Cody’s dive into the world of electronic and house music, but a clear consensus emerged: this was the best one yet.

With fans already wanting more, it’s pretty safe to say Ko’s rise to EDM stardom has only just begun.

What’s Next?

Although there’s no telling what Cody’s up to next—from marathon running to duties as a future father—we’re hopeful new music is still on the horizon.

For now, while we wait, take a listen to the rest of Cody Ko’s stuff here. Let us know what you think!

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