Day Trip LA Is Back And Making A Splash

Summer is just around the corner, which we all know is LA’s peak time of year. This season in SoCal is a worldwide symbol for peace and happiness. Artists have been “California Dreaming” for decades about this extra special time, and I’m one of the lucky few who gets to call this place home. For us locals, summer means a few steamy months full of bikini tops, house music, sunsets, waves, and wild nights to reminisce on all year long. What better way to kick off this time of year than combining all of those quintessential summer feelings at Day Trip Festival in Long Beach.


The event takes place at The Queen Mary Waterfront, an iconic LB venue, that *you guessed it* is right on the water. Long Beach serves as a perfect location to pull in music lovers from all major cities of SoCal and beyond. I have no doubt fans will trek from far and wide, I mean… have you seen this line up?


LA is known for its thriving house music scene, and I already know this collection of heavyweights sent off screams in the EDM scene. I personally cannot wait for Bob Moses and Chris Lorenzo, but I’m excited to see what some of the more “unknowns” on the line up bring to the table as well. Discovering new talent at festivals is always half the fun for me.


If the lineup doesn’t have already have you salivating, did I forget to mention this event is thrown by Insomniac? As someone who has been in the festival scene for almost 10 years, I can truly say there is just a different level of flow and professionalism to Insomniac events. You know what you are getting yourself into, but in a good way. The production is just always on point from the stage design to the decor, to general flow and preparation. We live in an age of “Fyre” festivals and other events that have been of disastrous proportions. When you buy a ticket to an Insomniac, I think there is a level of peace of mind, knowing you’re going to an event that will be really well done. I really think Insomniac sets the standard that the rest of the industry follows especially in terms of fan’s safety and experience.

For the insane line up, beautiful venue, and high production level- I was expecting tickets to be rather pricey. At the moment a GA band will only run you about $160 for the whole weekend, which I think is a steal. They also offer single day tickets for under $100, if you can only make a day trip. See what I did there… okay I’ll stop.

I don’t know about you, but I will be California Dreaming about this weekend until June. You can buy tickets and learn more about the fest here!

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