Coin and Their Promise of a Better 2021

Vaccination rollouts, lightened social distancing restrictions, borders opening, and a world on the brink of insanity mean one thing: concerts are making a comeback. This last year in isolation has brought us boatloads of new amazing music, and as wonderful as that is, the world is itching to experience these songs in person. With albums like Folklore, Tickets to My Downfall, and Positions being released amid a world pandemic, we can’t help but get antsy to hear our new favorite songs live.

And the time has come.

Artists globally are announcing their tours left and right, finally leaving the grips of virtual concerts and scheduling tour dates for late 2021-early 2022. If you are anything like me, you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for these announcements and may already have purchased tickets to some of these shows.

Two weeks ago, when the band Coin casually posted on Instagram about their upcoming tour to perform their quarantine EP’s, I nearly broke my phone with the speed I used to go buy tickets. Within minutes I had secured them and was already anxiously awaiting November 29th, and here is why.

Y’all see those Florida dates 😉

Coin has always been a unique band, with completely immersive aesthetics, catchy lyrics, and that classic alternative sound – you can’t help but love them. There hasn’t been an album that has missed the mark, or a concert that hasn’t been visually jaw-dropping, but somehow, they upped their game and are in the midst of their most exciting project yet.

Throughout quarantine, they have released an array of color-themed EP’s, conducting their ‘Rainbow Mixtape’ and falling into the most interesting aesthetic the band has attempted. I can already imagine the visuals at this concert, and my eyes are practically watering. The band has teased each EP weeks before their releases, suddenly changing the color scheme of their individual Instagram pages and the official Coin Instagram and watching as fans lose their minds. This project is the most ambitious and creative one we have seen, so no wonder they couldn’t wait to perform it live. Although Dreamland will always hold a special place in my heart, this new era has been nothing short of perfection and promises an incredible night no matter what.

Just days before lockdowns began in 2020, I was able to see Coin live during their Dreamland tour and experience one of the best concerts of my life (the first image in this is one of the only ones I was able to snag during that concert, but I adore it.) Thanks to the incredible visuals, the always positive vibe of the pit, and Chase’s ethereal vocals, this tour will be hard to top. The band has always been skilled at creating incredibly intimate and breathtaking concerts, with the perfect balance of crying to break-up ballads and jumping until your feet are aching and the breath is knocked out of your chest.

My signature move has become swearing upon different bands and artists, urging anyone who will hear me out to listen to them, and I guess it was due time I added Coin to that list. The band has been present in the alternative scene for quite some time and has had their handful of hit singles, so I promise they are worth the hype. If you get the chance to see them live, take it. Their concerts are just as lively and fun as their songs, it’s nearly impossible to have a bad time at one of them (and not to mention they have some of the cutest concert merch I have ever seen.)

Linked below is their website with their tour dates, and a glimpse at what the band’s aesthetic has grown into.

Coin and Their Promise of a Better 2021.
Article Name
Coin and Their Promise of a Better 2021.
New year and new vaccines means the promise of a half normal rest of our year, which means one thing, it's concert time. The alternative band Coin has already jumped on that wagon, ready to bring their latest project to life on the stage by late 2021.

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