Christmas with the Carey’s


If you’re feeling like me, I blinked and suddenly it was November. Another year has swiftly come and gone- leading us into the holiday season! How are you getting into the Christmas spirit this year? Have you already started decorating? Shopping?

It’s no surprise that as soon as Halloween ended, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” promptly began to receive millions of streams. There’s nothing wrong with getting into the Christmas spirit early – and as soon as midnight of November 1st came around, the Christmastime junkies emerged. Even Mariah herself couldn’t wait! She posted a short skit on her twitter page promptly on November 1st. Mrs. Carey’s success is amazing – equally as amazing as the way she celebrates Christmas. Let’s find out what Christmas with the Carey’s is like, as well as the backstory to the singer’s prosperity.

Globally, the song has sold over 16 million copies and remains to be her biggest international success. It was reported that as of 2017, the single has earned over 60 million dollars! We can attribute the single’s success to the fact that it is very catchy and an improved upbeat version of the original song, but her success also comes from the fact that Mariah has the voice of an angel. She reaches notes higher than the clouds above – it’s truly an unmatched talent. 

Would you believe me if I told you that “All I Want for Christmas is You” was released in 1984?! You can re-listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify.

As we continue to see Mariah get into the Christmas spirit, she celebrates the holiday like none other. Mrs. Carey, being as fabulous as she already is, books a flight to Aspen, Colorado on the 23rd. As soon as she lands she listens to her hit single during her car ride to her next destination while sippin’ on hot cocoa and butterscotch schnapps. Shortly after she goes on a sleigh ride through the beautiful white and snowy woods with a real reindeer and two horses. She then invites Santa over for a photo-op next to her two Christmas trees – one just isn’t enough! Her family proceeds to open presents on Christmas day, while she cooks up a feast with a sous chef she hires for assistance. As the Christmas day festivities continue, rest assured that there is Christmas music playing throughout the house all day long, as well as family games and festive movies. After learning how Mariah spends her Christmas, I think it’s only right to declare her the Christmas Queen. I don’t know anyone who spends Christmas like this – a girl can only dream she was a part of the Carey family so she could partake. 

Although it is November and we have to get through Thanksgiving first, it’s extremely difficult to deny that Christmas is the most fabulous holiday of the year. Mariah Carey ensures her Christmas holiday is spent with cheer, glitz, and glam. 

We do have an extended amount of time before we begin to truly start celebrating Christmas, but in the meantime, I suggest listening to a bunch of other Mariah Carey songs. I know plenty of people who know her Christmas hit but aren’t aware of all of the other amazing tracks she’s released. A few of my personal favorites are “We Belong Together”, “Obsessed”, “Always Be My Baby”, and “Honey”. Mariah combines smooth R&B beats with her soothing angelic voice, providing a relaxing musical experience for her listeners. I recommend either doing busy work while listening or screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs in the car (as I do regularly). 

Mariah’s legacy continues to thrive, and as the years go by, we remain faithful to “All I Want for Christmas is You”. But hey, what else are you supposed to listen to while you wait for presents?

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