Chiiild Makes His Return With New Single “Bon Voyage”

Montreal-based Chiiild, a recording artist who spans a variety of genres, released a new experimental tune called “Bon Voyage.” To start the new accompanying music video off, he takes his audience on a journey to his birthplace. “Bon Voyage” provides listeners with a glimpse of his darkest and most personal side. Chiiild, who is noted for his most popular songs, Gone and Eventually, never fails to deliver a great tune for your feelings. After his first album, Hope for Sale, “Bon Voyage” marks the beginning of a new musical journey. 

What does “BON VOYAGE” MEAN in chiiild’s new song?

The fusion of R&B, experimental, and electronica found on “Bon Voyage” creates an immersive experience for the listener. The title of the song, which translates directly to “happy journey,” alerts listeners that they are about to embark on an exciting musical journey. The audience is taken along for the ride with lyrics like these,

If you let me take you ’round / show you things you never found / hold your breath so you won’t drown / Synesthesia, feel the sound,” and, “Meet me on a mountain in a daydream / everybody out here on the same thing / but baby we’re just out here levitating,” 

Chiiild demonstrates that he’s an honest and conscience writer by creating synesthetic lines that include harsh realities and that veer between states of agony and delight. Chiiild’s music aims to provide his audience with a window “into the doubts and worries, ambitions, and a few relationships along the path. Chiiild does not leave any part of his hometown Montreal which is located in Canada, unexplored. The music video features several dizzying shots throughout the video that appears to make Chiiild look much bigger than life itself nonetheless.

Putting these real-life experiences into music was a therapeutic process for me.


LISTENERS REVIEWS of “bon voyage”

“Bon Voyage” seems to be a hit among his fans. Following its release, his fans on Twitter were quick to share their liking for the song. Furthermore, “Bon Voyage” has been described as “amazing,” “creative,” and as a “favorite song.” I must say, as a long-time listener of Chiiild, his music never fails! If you haven’t listened to him already, I definitely recommend checking him out.

Listener on Twitter
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Following the release of “Bon Voyage,” Chiiild shared a trailer for his upcoming album, Better Luck in the Next Life. While the record will come out sometime in 2023, however, an official date has not been set. The album trailer for Better Luck in the Next Life is definitely a head-scratcher for some. The video features reverse shots and crowds fleeing across parking lots taking up the majority of its minute-long runtime.

In preparation for his new album, Chiiild made this statement,

“My aim with Better Luck in the Next Life is to give you a look inside my mind. Into the doubts & fears, ambitions and a few connections along the way. It was a form of healing putting these real situations into songs. When everybody is out here on the same thing, we’re just out here levitating.”


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