CamelPhat Throws Down for 6 Straight Hours at Pershing Square

Grammy nominated DJ duo CamelPhat are coming off the released their brand-new album, Spiritual Milk. Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala came together to create CamelPhat. The twosome has enjoyed great success in the realm of dance music. For many listeners, “Cola” was the song that put CamelPhat’s unique sound on their radar. Since then, CamelPhat have played all around the world to sold out crowds and at major festivals. Spiritual Milk is a special release for the pair as it is the first project to come out via their label, When Stars Align. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live in LA last weekend, and it totally lived up to their hype.


To celebrate the release of Spiritual Milk, CamelPhat played a special open to close set at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles. In partnership with FRAMEWORK, CamelPhat played six-hours of nonstop dance music. A palm tree backdrop felt like a little taste of Coachella in the heart of LA. Once the night sky hungover Pershing Square, a breathtaking light show lit up a sold-out crowd dancing in the grass. As the party continued, CamelPhat threw songs from Spiritual Milk into the set. It was a six-hour set of euphoric bliss and constant dancing followed by an after party at Sound Nightclub.


Spiritual Milk begins with “Hope,” an ambient track reminiscent of the visuals of the album artwork. The sounds of this song are liberating with hopeful lyrics setting the euphoric tone for the rest of the record. CamelPhat keeps the momentum and speeds things up on “Rennen” with an infectious piano loop. Tracks like “Compute” and “In Your Eyes” are a bit more bass heavy with signature elements of classic EDM. The string arrangements on “What A Day” work with the synth and bass creating a cinematic sensation. The record ends with a pleasant surprise. “Love Is Something” stands out the most. Alternative rock guitar riffs accompanied with the vocals of Jake Bugg give the song a nostalgic feel of the 60s. The final track brings everything together as the final credits roll.

The numerous collaborations of this project could not have been any better. The duo assembled a project that effortlessly flows from one track into the other. The record is cinematic, a project designed to be performed in front of massive crowds. For all the main characters out there, this project is for you. Spiritual Milk is more than an album, it is an experience meticulously crafted to transcend a listener’s encounter with the project. Over the weekend, CamelPhat took tracks from their new album to the stage. It was such an experience to be a part of that crowd.

What’s Next for the Dynamic Duo?

CamelPhat is bringing their new album to life with remaining appearances at clubs around the world. Some of these include a night hosted by the duo at The Warehouse Project, and a set at the brand-new venue in November Drumheads in North London. Until October 3rd, CamelPhat will continue playing to sold out crowds at their Pacha residency in Ibiza.

Are you hopping that CamelPhat plays in a city near you? Do you have a favorite track from Spiritual Milk?

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