Are you a true Spanish rock listener? If so, you would have known Besame Mucho was the place to be! The event was held this past weekend at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California and it brought all of the classics and iconic memorable moment. I spent an entire day at Besame Mucho, and now I’m bringing you along for the recap.

Besame is the It Girl

Ten months ago, myself and thousands of other potential guests were online trying to purchase tickets to the festival. It was presented by Live Nation advertised as a one-day 2000’s inspired Latin lineup. The festival sold out within a whopping 12 minutes, leaving many others waitlisted. The lucky few who did snag a ticket however, still had to wait ten solid months for this day to come.

The long wait is over, and the day is finally here! I wasn’t the only one anxious for this party to start. By 10 A.M., people were lined up, waiting for its door to be opened. The first band of the day Los Cadetes de Linares, started at 11:25 to welcome everyone to the festival. But if they’re not your cup of tea, this event truly had something for everyone. The festival was divided into four stages – Rockeros, Las Clásicas, Te Gusta El Pop?, and Besos. The four stages served as designated areas for each genre, taking up the entire parking lot of Dodgers Stadium. Throughout the day, you would see people running across the stadium parking lot, trying to catch their must-see acts.

Choose your character

One of the most extraordinary things about the festival was seeing people dressed up in theme of each stage. You would see people dressed up in Ranchero at the Las Clasicas Stage. If you had pop colors or 2000’s fashion, it was the Pop Stage! Lots of punk rock for the Rockero Stage, of course.

Who takes the lead?

The best moment was listening to different stages while you waited for your favorite artists. The Te Gusta El Pop? and Beso’s stages were relatively close to one another. You would hear both of the stages clash with their music together, but from the audience’s perspective, it seemed they didn’t mind it.

When it comes to festivals there are often times technical difficulties. While waiting for your favorite artists to shine, there was a great representation of professionalism. Many microphones were not working half the time and the sound was distorted. Yet, the artists took it all like champs and were strong and proud to have led an incredible set performance.

Besame muchos final MOMENTS

Growing up listening to Mexican Music, I never thought I would be able to see my favorite Spanish artists ever! This festival was for all kids who had heard 2000s Mexican music, but also for our parents, tias, tios, etc. Who had dreamed of letting their inner self go for one day! Today, at Besame Mucho, every Norteño/Banda fan showed up for the artists who made them all fall in love with the genre. This festival opens many doors for a whole new generation of Gen Z artists that are next in line to take the genre to a new level. Thank you to Besame Mucho, and I cannot wait to see what happens next year.

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