All My Friends Rocks The Row

This past weekend the downtown Los Angeles streets were filled with filthy synths and shaky beats. Thrown in the scenic and trendy venue, The Row, All My Friends proved there is no such thing as a sophomore slump.

Techno and house music fans alike came from all over to experience the two day music festival. While waiting in line to collect my press pass, I met a couple that came in all the way from Austin, Texas. It’s no wonder the couple made the trek from Texas with a line up boasting heavy hitters like Black Coffee, Diplo, and even award winning actor turned DJ Idris Elba. These big names were enough to draw a crowd alone, but there was so much more to AMF that made it special. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the memorable music drenched weekend.

The Secret Stage

In true Los Angeles fashion, the festival offered a stage with a secret entrance. Many popular bars in LA are known for their whacky entrances, and AMF paid homage in their own unique way. A hollowed out port-a-potty lead to a flower filled secret disco where numerous DJs including Diplo played mini sets. Inside was a full bar and even a glitter face painting station. I was both impressed by the creativity and in awe of the production.

The Svedka Pop Up Bar

AMF partnered up with both Rockstar and Svedka to keep the drinks flowing for guests. With both alcoholic and non alcoholic options, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices. $3 waters and $8 beers, I guess you guys really are my friends! Within the giant pop bar was a great photo installation for everyone to get that perfect Instagram moment.

The Crowd

The atmosphere is really something that can make or break the festival experience and I can honestly say AMF was on point. The venue choice was perfect, with the beautiful LA skyline in sight. The event was not oversold leaving plenty of room to dance, and lines were never too long. There were tons of food options, even for those with dietary restrictions. Everyone I encountered seemed genuinely happy to be there. It felt so much more like a gathering of friends, than a corporate overpriced mega festival. I loved the down to earth, hometown feel that Destructo brings to this production and can’t wait to see how they grow for year three!

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