Madeon Ends Good Faith Era With Jaw Dropping LA Show

Critically acclaimed French musician Madeon has been blissful in his Good Faith era since its release in 2019. Over the past several years, Madeon has been touring across the world, playing some of the most esteemed festivals with his mesmerizing live show. Over the weekend, Madeon brought the Good Faith album cycle to an end at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to be in the crowd and experience the end of this era.


Madeon is a DJ, producer, and songwriter from Nantes. Long before his debut studio album Adventure in 2015, Madeon was showcasing his skills online. At only age seventeen, Madeon went viral for YouTube video “Pop Culture” where he sampled 39 hit songs. When it came time for his debut, Madeon had established a dedicated fanbase. Over the span of his career, the Grammy nominated artist has been credited as a producer for many, including megastars like Lady Gaga and Coldplay. The musician has also frequently collaborated with Porter Robinson and Ellie Goulding. Madeon reached new heights on his second studio album Good Faith, entering an unforgettable era over the last several years.


Good Faith has consumed the Dj’s life since its release in 2019, and rightfully so.  Listening to the record feels like a celebration. Hopeful vocals fused with cinematic EDM only touch the surface of what Good Faith is. The album seamlessly uses vibrant visuals to accompany high energy sound on the album. Each detail in every song is so precise, the production is so crisp and clean. The listening experience is like no other. Good Faith demands to be played at full volume through the largest speakers. The larger-than-life live shows that Madeon has meticulously crafted do just that.


On Friday night, Madeon brought his Good Faith show to life one last time. Madeon got his set started with his high energy song “All My Friends.” A large, LED screen with constantly changing visuals served as the musician’s backdrop for the night, accompanied by lasers that lit up the Shrine. The visual experience of the entire show was absolutely breathtaking; something I had never witnessed. For such a visually strong show, not once did the lights and lasers distract from Madeon. If anything, they were there to compliment the performer, elevating his well mastered on-stage presence.

On the stage were two see-through tables elevated on light up platforms. Instruments and equipment covered each table that Madeon played back and forth; and at times, had one hand on each table. At one point during the show, the artist was elevated on a platform performing high up above the stage. Madeon gave the crowd everything he had, filling the Shrine with an infectious energy. It was a performance I did not want to end. However, The Good Faith era is one to be remembered as performed by one of the greats.

What’s Next?

While fans have no idea when to expect new music, Madeon assured the crowd on Friday night that there is much more music and more shows to come. After rolling credits on the screen, Madeon concluded the night with the final visual, “See you the next era.” This makes us ask: What will the next era be sound like? When will that be? Hopefully sooner rather than later. While we wait, we can relive the unforgettable moments and memories that Good Faith has created over the past four years through what he’s already released.

Did you make it out to a show during the Good Faith tour?

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