Oliver Heldens Kicks Off the Summer at LA Historic Park

Insomniac has called and I have answered – again. An email pings into my inbox and the opportunity arises to kick off the summer properly. Oliver Heldens headlining with support from Dark Heart, Born Dirty, and J. Worra on June 16th. A quick trip to LA Historic State Park on a Saturday night? Say less.

the insomniac standard holds at any event, big or small

For the past decade I have been able to witness Insomniac’s exponential growth as a company and community. What started from humble beginnings to now global exposure, this company is capable of hosting festival-standard events wherever they please.

Wherever they please. Whenever they please. And precisely however they please.

As a result, when an Insomniac event is on the agenda, this is the bare minimum (in terms of stage production):

  • The stage beaming with lasers, LEDs, and large monitors lining the sides of the dance floor.
  • Go-go dancers precisely in your line of sight dancing on, next to, and around top tier sound systems (for your listening and viewing pleasure).

This event in particular, like many others Insomniac will continue to host this summer, was thrown in a state park in the heart of Los Angeles. There have been announcements earlier this year of Insomniac hosting festivals along the sea (EDSea), and among ships (Apocalypse Zombieland), so it is no longer a surprise to find out that the venues are limitless at this point. 

Party in the Park

Despite the event taking place within a 32-acre historic park, the actual party area was slightly larger than a basketball court. That being said, what lacked in physical space was gained in intimate magical dances with strangers and solid stage production. Insomniac is setting the tone for the summer with a party in the park to start.

It was a tight squeeze, but when Oliver Heldens is throwing down a 3-hour extended set laced with his OG favs – a tight squeeze with a handful of likeminded folks is in good standing. I look to my left and there’s a group of people absolutely killing it with their LED flow toys. To my right there’s a couple exchanging gentle kisses under the lasers. Behind me? A man the size of a body builder sitting on someone’s shoulders. And two steps in front of me – a group of friends hitting every note at the top of their lungs, sunglasses on, drinks in hands, all cheesing from ear to ear.


Insomniac hosted @Oliver Heldens in the park to kick off the Summer. Check out our recap and article on the website 🪩✨ #insomniac #oliverheldens #linkinbio #newarticle

♬ original sound – Mic Drop Music

So How Do they Do It?

I don’t know. There’s multiple variables here. Maybe it’s the smell of the port-a-potties, flashes of flow toys wherever you look, or festival-standard show production that makes each Insomniac event feel like a mini rager? I laughed to myself multiple times thinking about the people walking their dogs just on the other side of this “gated mini rager”. This night couldn’t have gone any better.

Overall, if you’re truly planning to “be outside” this summer, incorporate some Insomniac events into your plans if you haven’t already. Check that email and answer the call!

Mini ragers guaranteed.

Click here to view their website and stay updated on upcoming events.

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