Beyonce Drops Surprise Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar

The world-renowned Beyoncé Knowles, makes a return with a remix of her 2022 single, ‘AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM‘. This amazing collaboration with Kendrick Lamar caught fans completely by surprise. The remix comes after her 2022 Grammy-winning album, RENAISSANCE, the album which she is currently touring. This is the third collaboration between Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar with ‘Freedom‘ in 2016 and ‘NILE‘ from the 2019 live-action Lion King soundtrack. This song also marks Kendrick Lamar’s first release of 2023.

The song takes a sample track from Kilo Ali’s 1990 single, ‘America Has A Problem (Cocaine)‘. In Kilo’s original track, he refers to America’s cocaine epidemic of the time. He describes the drug as a white woman who everyone is obsessed with. She makes people feel good and promises to love them and stick by them. But she ruins people’s lives in the end.

Beyoncé puts an interesting twist on her own rendition. She personifies herself as the cocaine being referenced. She describes how people come to her in masses to get a piece of her. Her lyrics also reference the power she has a celebrity. Beyoncé’s rendition seems to be the opposite of Kilo Ali’s message. While Kilo’s song warns against obsession, Beyoncé basks in everything she has worked for.

Only 5 days after its release, the track already has over 184K views on YouTube. Like many of her songs, ‘AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM‘ is one of many carefully curated songs that Beyoncé fans always look forward to.

Here at Mic Drop Music, we want to know your thoughts! What do you think of the song? How does it compare to Beyoncé’s other work? Let us know in the comments below!

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