Spotify Launches Personalized AI DJ Feature

A new feature on Spotify has been added for premium members. Located in the “Made For You” tab of your account, there is an option to listen to sets curated by your own personal AI DJ. Meet Xavier, or X for short, the world’s first personalized digital DJ. X will design sets just for YOU.


As soon as I noticed this feature on my updated app, I decided to put Xavier to the test during my morning commute. He started off strong with liquid drum and bass. That’s what I was listening to last night on the drive home – it was nice to see that Xavier picked up on that immediately.


This is how you can use Spotify’s AI DJ if you live in the US or Canada #ai #artificialintelligence #generativeai #gpt3 #spotify #aidj

♬ original sound – Nick Cornelius
Tik Tok: @nick.cornelius

X narrates in between his mini sets which is a feature I personally enjoy. It really feels like he’s my own personal DJ. The rest of the day consisted of my DJ checking in and switching up the vibe often. There was a vibe check about every 5 or so songs. Xavier threw in a few of my favorite oldies into my own classic throwback set, which was *chef’s kiss*.


One of Xavier’s notable skills is his ability to take the listener on a trip to a specific time era. X began to paint the picture so vividly — using pop culture references of Zendaya in Euphoria to the Guardians of the Galaxy #1.

He went back into my discography and played music from new artists that I’ve never heard before, but assumed I would like after analyzing my taste. This has really started to help with expanding my music library.


When I’m collecting music, this makes the process of consistently finding new tunes more efficient. It’s simple and keeps your algorithm active. Therefore, I would say the AI DJ feature can be useful if you’re wanting to expand your music taste.

However, when it comes to daily use – will I use it every day? No.

At the end of the day, I think I am the best DJ. All of these AI tools are truly amazing, but I still think the human brain tops AI. What AI is great for in my opinion is convenience, but AI will never be able to create art that is based off of living a human experience. Maybe I’m biased, but with that being said, I’ll call on X when I’m lazy and don’t want to be my own DJ.

How would you report your experience with your AI DJ?

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