Ghost Releases Their Own Rendition of ‘Phantom of the Opera’

The clergy has a gift for its followers! As part of Ghost’s new Phantomime EP, the band released their single, ‘Phantom Of The Opera‘ on May 15, 2023. The song is one of five cover songs of the upcoming mini-album, set to release May 19th, 2023. The single is a cover of Iron Maiden’sPhantom of the Opera‘, originally released in 1980. Both bands have their own unique sound. Ghost takes this iconic metal song a step further by adding their own spin to it.

How it started: Iron maiden

Formed in 1975, English heavy metal band Iron Maiden released ‘Phantom of the Opera’ as part of their debut album, Iron Maiden (1980). It is the longest song on the album and is well known for its 4-minute long guitar solo. The original track is a play on the world renowned novel and Broadway play, The Phantom of the Opera. The lyrics are from the perspective of the female protagonist, Christine Daaé, as she tries to run away from the Phantom. However, he continues to haunt her in her dreams. The lyrics and unique instrumentals make this track a timeless classic.

How does Ghost’s cover compare to the original?

what makes their version unique?

Ghost is well known for their unique style in music and their gothic Catholic church aesthetic. These together make the cover sound more theatrical and epic. A choir sings in the background and a piano is added to make the sound even more attention-grabbing than the original. They nail the 4-minute guitar solo perfectly and include their own riffs to add a touch of their own style. But what makes the song stand out even more are the lyrics. Iron Maiden’s lyrics take the perspective of the play’s female protagonist. Meanwhile, Ghost’s lyrics take the perspective of the Phantom himself as he chases her down. Ghost did an amazing job with bringing Iron Maiden’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’ back to life. This epic track makes for an exciting introduction to their long awaited album.

Iron Maiden vs Ghost: Who did it better?

Whether you’re into the classics or prefer a more modern sound, both bands are phenomenal. There is no denying Iron Maiden became a great influence for many great bands, Ghost being one of them. This cover is not only a response to Iron Maiden’s iconic song, but it serves as an appreciation for their craft. Classic and modern rock fans were more than excited for this track and anticipate an even greater album on March 19th.

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