A New Future Island’s Record Is On The Way

Synth pop band Future Islands have announced their new album People Who Aren’t There Anymore out January 26, 2024. The announcement of their seventh studio album came with a new single “The Tower.” People Who Aren’t There Anymore is the band’s follow up to their 2020 record As Long As You Are. With their first four singles out, Future Islands are gearing up to give fans the rest of the project that has been in the making the past few years.

Get to know Future Islands

Future Islands made their debut back in 2008 with their first record Wave Like Home. The Baltimore based band comprises Samuel Herring, Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion and Michael Lowry. Since the quartet broke into the scene, they have crafted a unique sound of heavy synth pop. Their new wave sound fuses influences from Joy Division and New Order to create well crafted indie rock. Every release has only expanded and elevated the Future Island catalog, adored  by fans.

Seasons (Waiting on You)” from their 2014 release Singles gained the band a great deal of traction. This project featured crisp production with layered synths accompanied by the vocals of lead singer Samuel Herring. Intimate and raspy vocals have become a trademark of Herring. Listening to Herring sing is an emotional experience that every listener can hear. Some of the groups most standout tracks like “A Dream of You and Me” and “Sun in the Morning” appear of their Singles project.

Not only has Future Islands toured the world supporting every record they released, the band has opened for icons like Morrisey and Grace Jones. The band’s success has landed them sets at some of the biggest stages at Coachella, Glastonbury and Bonnaroo. A Future Islands show is one not to be missed because of the performance Herring puts on for fans. Their live shows have made them a staple during festival season. While fans anticipate People Who Aren’t There Anymore, they can indulge in the first taste of the album that Future Islands have given.


A little over a year after their 2020 release, As Long As You Are, Future Islands dropped the first single from their new record, “Peach.” A repeating bass line starts the song until a rock heavy drum beat carries the song to its end. Future Islands followed up with “King of Sweden” a dark wave track with a groovy bass. Herring sings about a nostalgic past time using colorful language to bring his words to life. His vocals erupt on the chorus when a fast paced drum heightens the song’s energy.

Deep In The Night” is the record’s third single. An ambient intro welcomes Herring’s emotional vocals. The track is slow and smooth, a perfectly executed transition from the previous two tracks. The black and white music video is just as haunting as the song itself. “The Tower” The fourth and final track that Future Islands gave fans. It starts with the band’s synth signature pop sound. The track is dreamy and exciting featuring muffled synths in the background. With four solid singles and only a few months out, fans can eagerly await for the release of People Who Aren’t There Anymore.

Tour on the Radar

Future Islands have crafted one of the best live shows in the indie pop scene. So, it is nearly impossible to assume that they won’t embark on another legendary tour. The group just wrapped up a European run and have upcoming tour dates confirmed. The best we can do while we wait for tour dates and the new record is to enjoy what they have already given listeners.

What’s your favorite single from People Who Aren’t There Anymore?

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