You Should Give Adam Melchor A Chance

With all of the hype over Taylor Swift’s latest album, it seems another album released on that same day was overlooked. As a longtime fan of Adam Melchor, I was extremely excited to hear about his newest album Here Goes Nothing! Now that the rush of Midnights has subsided, it’s time to take a look at Adam’s latest work. 


Adam Melchor is a 27 year old indie/alternative pop artist from New Jersey who has slowly been taking the music world by storm. He’s currently managed under R&R Digital, a branch under Warner. Though Adam is only in his early 20s, he has a fairly large discography with a wide range. 

You may recognize some of his more popular hits such as “Real Estate”. Adam’s sweet warm voice accompanied by such intricate and intentional orchestrations is what makes his music unique and different from anyone in this generation. 


In preparation for the album, Adam released a single titled “Turnham Green”. This gave fans a taste of what the flavor of the rest of the album would bring. Yet still it was more than I imagined. Similar to many of his songs, it starts out with a very simple melody and accompaniment, which then blossoms into a garden of melodies and orchestra. 

What makes this album stand out to me, is again his overall range. Songs such as “Sorry Adam” are extremely different from his other tunes on the record, yet fit in so perfectly. Adam also features Fleet Foxes on the album in his song “Let Me Know When”. This was a perfect choice for him, while they have very similar vibes they are just different enough to provide depth and differentiation on the album. If you get the chance, go check him out on his upcoming tour.


Go give Here Goes Nothing! a listen. While you’re at it go give all of Adam’s albums a listen. My personal favorite is Melchor Lullabye Hotline. His extremely expressive writing makes it very easy to find at least one song to relate to. I really look forward to seeing Adam grow and break through in the upcoming years.

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