Why G Jones Is Ruling the Electronic Music World

G Jones is easily one of the most influential artists of the year, a recognizable talent that we need to keep our eyes on. True artists are those who successfully evolve their unique visions into the mesmerizing sounds that stem from the music they create, and over the years G Jones has done exactly that. His music has a sound unmatched in the electronic music world, and just in the last few years he’s been killing the music production game. He’s already captured an immeasurable amount of fans with his remarkable talent. Whether you’re listening to his tracks live in action or through your headphones on the daily, G Jones has a way of transcending you into another musical dimension.

Attempting to describe G Jones’s music is not concrete enough, as it’s the type of sound that you must closely listen to on your own to fully understand his musical genius. With his tracks constantly involving aerial concepts such as time, space, mindfulness, and the possibility of other realms existing in our universe, it’s easy for listeners to get hooked and analyze the wonder and ambiguity behind the meaning of them all. Not only is his sound incomprehensible, his immersive visuals and stage production design are also completely out of this world.

If you’ve ever been hypnotized, that’s exactly what leaving a G Jones live show feels like. A sound and experience like no other, its as if you’re melting and becoming one with your surroundings during the entirety of his sets. Futuristic psychedelic visuals take over the stage, truly complimenting all of the exotic sounds exploding through the atmosphere. His overall live performance design concept is entirely mesmerizing, taking attendees on a transcendental journey through time and space. Again, its something one must experience on their own, as simply trying to explain it is just not enough.

While making exclusive appearances at various music festivals and setting the stage for other artists during their tours as an opening act , the time has come for G Jones to exploit on his first grand solo tour throughout North America. With his ‘Ineffable Truth’ album debut back in October, his presence in the electronic music world has skyrocketed tremendously. Before the album even officially dropped, support from both fans and other aspiring artists in the game alike demonstrated their respect towards his illusive talent. Artists like Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, Eprom, and a few others constantly speak up about G Jones’ s presence in the music world, hyping each other up in the most positive ways possible all over social media for followers to see. With such an incredible support group such as this, what can possibly go wrong for an up and coming artist like G Jones? It’s safe to say he already seems to have it all.

Just as others constantly hype up his unique artistic abilities, G Jones always ensures to showcase the tremendous amount of love he has for his fans and his music industry homies right back. On his social media presence and the very few interviews he has actually agreed to, he’s mentioned a few times that he would not be where he is today without the constant embrace from his listeners and those closest to him. That in itself says a lot about an artist, demonstrating his genuine passion for the music he creates and understanding how greatly it can affect those who chose to listen. His genuine tendencies are easily presented to the world through every small comment he chooses to publicly express.

A truly one-of-a-kind artist, G Jones has proven his ability to fully take on the electronic music world and all of the ups and downs that come with it. His stage presence has exploded over the years, and he’s on his way to becoming a household name. With his ‘Ineffable Truth’ North American tour currently in progress, things are only going to go uphill from here. A sound like his is truly something extraordinary, and it deserves every ounce of appreciation his listeners have been constantly showcasing. G Jones, thank you for inspiring us with your music and for bringing something to the table no one has experienced before.

Catch G Jones at a city near you on his ‘Ineffable Truth’ North American Tour!

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