Why Acoustic Ballads Speak To My Heart

It would be hard for me to define my taste in music, because it’s constantly changing and so varying in genre. To keep things fresh and organized, I try to put together a playlists. I know I know good music; yet for some reason, I still feel I can never find the songs that fit my taste. Making a playlist can be hard, but I’ll share what I’ve been into lately.

Recently, I have fallen in love with the heartfelt acoustic hits that are open and vulnerable. I love music such as electronic, pop, alternative, and the list goes on. However, something about the raw sound of the musician’s voice on an acoustic track hits different. When it’s just the artist’s voice and a guitar it’s so powerful and real. I decided to curate a playlist full of these types of songs, but I knew it was going to be a challenge. A lot of people don’t get the difference between slow pop beats and stripped music, but there is a real distinction. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites for you all to check out in a new playlist.

“Amsterdam (Acoustic)” Wild Rivers 

Wild Rivers is a band of three talented folk musicians. They first started to release music back in 2016 and have stuck to their original roots throughout their career. Wild Rivers falls into the Indie Folk genre, which some people may not give a chance. Folk music has such a different sound than the majority of music listeners are used to. That’s what gives folk singers the uniqueness to pull people into their art. 

In “Amsterdam” band member Devan Glover takes over the lead vocals. Her gentle sound of her voice is so beautiful and enchanting. Khalid Yassein is able to harmonize with Glover throughout the track. The way the two vocalists harmonize is incredible. Their voices mesh into one creating a lovely melody. I love the way that listeners are only able to hear the voices and guitar in “Amsterdam.” It allows us to slow down and appreciate the beauty that comes with creating music. 

“3am (acoustic)” Oliver Keane 

Oliver Keane is another Indie artist, similar to Wild Rivers, but without their signature folk twang. The London-based singer has been creating tracks nonstop. Every single that he has released shares his experiences of being in love. He is able to encompass the feelings that come with heart break. Keane isn’t afraid of showing the not-so-pleasant side of love, which is very appealing to listeners.

In the original “3am,” the English musician shows his emotions through pop like beats. But in the new acoustic version, he is able to strip all of the instruments and show off his powerful vocals. In this style, the audience can feel the pain in Keane’s voice so much more. This track is about an ex who keeps showing up and not letting the other person move on. This experience can be painful for both parties so by stripping the song Keane allows the audience to acknowledge the hurt that they may feel with him. 

“die first (stripped)” Nessa Barrett

I’ve written about Nessa Barrett before because of her extreme talent. But when she released the stripped version of “die first” it shocked me, and I knew I had to talk about her again. She has always posted snippets of her unreleased tracks on her social media and I always thought how talented her pure voice is. Young pop artists especially can get lost in the world of auto tune in order to please their listeners. In all honesty, it shows even more talent when musicians are able to use their vocals as instruments.

When Barrett first came out with the original “die first” I fell in love with it. But when I heard the stripped version it allowed me to feel more strongly about the lyrics. The softness of Barrett’s vocals with the heart hitting lyrics allows me to think deeper into the message behind the track. 

“Unfolding (Acoustic)” Luca Fogale

Not a lot of people know the gift that Luca Fogale has. He is an up and comer in folk with a solid discography. “Unfolding” is one of his most known tracks of Fogale’s career so when I saw an acoustic version was released I was overjoyed. The original song itself is already a slower pop tune, but the acoustic version brings more peace out of Fogale’s voice. “Unfolding” shares his fight for finding self love and finally accepting who he is. This is something a lot of people go through today, so having a song that is slow and heart hitting is important. This artist was able to allow his listeners to connect with him and his struggles. He opens a conversation to feel the emotions that come with self acceptance and self love. This is a beautiful track whether it’s the original or acoustic version.

If you love acoustic hits like I do, then this list should put you on the right track when creating your new playlist!

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