Whole Lotta Red or a Whole Lotta Nothing?

For the last two years, Playboi Carti fans have been patiently waiting for the release of the now infamous album “Whole Lotta Red”. Carti has teased the project through various, but limited, social media posts promising followers different release dates. In July, Carti announced that “Whole Lott’s Red” was FINALLY dropping in sixty days; however, this never came true. This past week, he hinted that forty eight hours from October 16th his album was going to be released. Once again, the rapper inevitably left the whole world on red.

Fans have one simple question and need one simple answer… When is the album dropping?! The problem is that Carti is providing no clarity, only a few cryptic tweets about his projects. Fans took to twitter to show their feelings about Playboi not releasing WLR as he promised. Here are some of the tweets:

With tons of fans anxiously tweeting, its clear the anticipation has not dissipated. The cult following Carti has generated over the past four years has led him to become one of Hip-Hops most authentic and favored rappers. As a fan myself, I can only hope to see this long awaited album before 2019 ends and no more of Carti’s mind games.

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