What’s the Hype Around YouTube Music?

Over the last ten years, we have seen companies such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes become the most popular and user-friendly applications for music globally. Sensor Tower, an analytics firm, released data for 2019 showing which of these streaming services was the most downloaded. To no avail, all of the three were listed in the list; however, one stood out to me as unorthodox when I scanned the page. YouTube Music ranked high upon the year-end list for 2019, which makes you think, “Who would buy a YouTube membership just to listen to music?”.

The data showed that most of YouTube Music’s users were coming from Android phones. Google has been requiring their phone users (ANDROIDS) to have YouTube Music as the default app to the phone. It’s no wonder YouTube’s subscriptions are going up. This is not the first time Google has used this tactic. The previous default application, Google Play Music, just recently hit 5 billion downloads. Whereas YouTube Music only sits behind the major streaming applications such as Spotify and Soundcloud, by two places.

Personally, I use Spotify over any other streaming channels, because of their music stations and playlists. Although YouTube Music comes with no ads and the ability to watch music videos with your music, Spotify has become the best application for finding new music for me. The layout overall comes across as the most accessible to me and almost every remix I know can be found with a simple search.

YouTube Music vs. Spotify

We at Mic Drop Music are excited to see where the world of streaming goes as avid listeners of every music genre. To learn more about YouTube Music, check out their Instagram. Let us know your go-to streaming app!

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