What’s New With New Hope Club?

I had the pleasure of participating in °1824’s press conference with New Hope Club where we spoke about their new upcoming album and their releases thus far. Blake, George, and Reece, the band’s members, describe the new album as “Lush”, “Urgent”, and “Saucy”. With this new album they are taking risks, and coming into their artist identity. 


The band members go into their process throughout the interview. Throughout they talk about how they generally work in jam sessions together until they find something that they like. Within “L.U.S.H” specifically they went into the process not really sure of what they were looking for, but they were able to really identify their sound. 

Blake goes into detail about how they want to continue to push themselves musically. They mention one of their biggest inspirations, The Beatles. This album is the first album they wrote entirely by themselves. Therefore this album is a huge step forward for them in representing themselves as musicians and people. They speak about wanting to continue those steps and being ahead of the game. Most importantly never putting themselves in a box creatively.

Brand new Music video

When asked about their most recent video for “L.U.S.H”, they talked about how they wanted to go the non-traditional route as far as boy band music videos. Their band comradery is based off of their humor and natural banter. Therefore they decided to play into that for their latest video.

They describe the new album as their most risky album lyrically with sort of sexy undertones. Subsequently they create a sense of irony with a video based in an old people’s home. The director enjoyed playing around and worked with New Hope Club to create something they were all proud of and that represents them.

SO, what does the FUTURE hold for NHC?

Going forward the boys of New Hope Club are looking to write their own music and keep growing their identity as artists. If you haven’t heard them yet, you must check them out. If I could think of one band to compare their sound to it would be DNCE. Yet, with this album they’ve really refined and created their own sound. It’s been really interesting to see how they’ve grown in the past few years, and I look forward to their new releases.

New Hope Club’s Official Website- Stay tuned for their upcoming releases.
1824 Interview with New Hope Club
Universal Group's 1824 division hosted an interview with New Hope Club focusing on their new album LUSH.

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