It’s no secret, Jack Harlow has had a hold over all of us this year, but especially the ladies. He’s a solo rapper with fans on a boy band level. Girls are out here losing their mind over this man, and here’s why.

He’s got it all: looks, a good sense of humor, a music career, and a sense of style. Not to mention, he’s everywhere! Award shows one night, and a show in your city the next one. But where did he come from?

He seemed to come out of nowhere. When “WHATS POPPIN” dropped, it was a hit. Yet, most of us brushed him off to be just another one-hit-wonder. A few months later, he dropped a “WHATS POPPIN” remix featuring DaBaby (when he was in his prime), Lil Wayne, and Tory Lanez. And it went CRAZY!

He let this song have its time to shine until he dropped “Tyler Herro”, named after his close friend who plays for the Miami Heat basketball team. The song dropped during Herro’s peak, so I felt Jack knew exactly what he was doing when he dropped the song. 

Before the fame, he lived in Louisville, Kentucky, if you couldn’t tell by his huge chain paying homage to his home state. In his song “Rendezvous”, the first track on That’s What They All Say, he talks about his come up and his struggle with getting where he is today. 

“Kills me when they act like this was overnight // LIke we didn’t do a tour in a tiny van // Eight deep at the show, it might be either fans”


As he says in his music, this didn’t happen overnight. He’s had a career for years, with his first EP dropping back in 2015. It’s evident he put in years of work to get to where he is now. This is his moment- and he’s taking full advantage of it.

Jack Harlow – SUNDOWN Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Not only does he have great music, he has an even better personality to match. He does so many interviews and they’re very entertaining to watch. We all know that talent and charm are key ingredients in the recipe to super stardom. It’s looking like Jack might be a master chef.

This talent and charm is not lost on his female fans. He’s got girls swooning for him and he knows it. He’ll make eye contact with his audience full of women, grabbing their hands and singing to them.

Harlow recently made his debut in the fashion world as well. He attended his first Met Gala two weeks ago, wearing all Tommy Hilfiger. He posted his fit with a heartfelt caption, once again honoring his family roots.

I hate to say it but I finally get the Jack Harlow hype. I have already seen him in concert twice, and I’m already making plans to see him again. He has this energy on stage that gets everyone hyped. Harlow knows his songs are good, and when he hears crowds cheering for him, he gets even more pumped. Jack Harlow was made for the celebrity life for sure.

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