Walking Home On A Snowy Night

I’m back again- with yet another playlist! As winter comes to a close (finally), and there are warmer days on the horizon, let’s reflect one last time. Every season has a feel to it, and winter is no different. The crisp air, thick socks, red noses, warm fires- I love it all. I’ve curated a playlist to set a very specific scene, I call it “walking home on a snowy night.” If you care to join me on this evening stroll through the snow, let’s kick it off with track #1.

“12am Cereal” – E.S.S.

This song sounds just like a snowy night; It must be the gentle guitar strumming replicating the soft fall of snow. Picture this: you’re walking home from a night class, you’re trying to unwind mentally, but you still have that one thing lingering in your mind. For me it’s usually a person, but maybe it’s something as simple as a thing you have to do when you get back home, when all you want to do is stop for the day and enjoy the warmth of the indoors. That’s this song. 

“bitches broken hearts” – Billie Eilish

Another artist that reminds me of the same snowy night feeling is Billie Eilish. In this case, the static in the back is the snow, while the sound effects add a darkness like the night. A little depressing, yet it comes with a voice that soothes the soul. It almost makes the seasonal depression tolerable, as if it’s synonymous with being content. 

“worldstar money (interlude)” – Joji

Nothing describes my mood when it’s a snowy night more than the guitar lick in the beginning of this, yet again, hauntingly beautiful song. I don’t know what it is about guitar strumming that sounds like snowfall, but it just works out to be that way. It keeps you warm with your problems, as if there’s beauty to having them.

“Pure Love” – Mother Mother 

This is a nice change of pace for our snowy night playlist. No seasonal depression, no problems, just love. The dissonance in the sound effects and melody reminds us that life isn’t perfect, but it’s still worth living regardless. “There is a light, buried somewhere deep inside” even in the dark winter night. 

“NEW MAGIC WAND” – Tyler, The Creator

Another change of pace in terms of feel, but we’re back to thinking about that person. What are they doing now? Are they also walking in the snow? Are they keeping warm with someone else? Maybe if that person was gone you could be together, but it’s too late. All you have right now is the snow and this playlist to keep you company. 

Within” – Daft Punk

Back to the same idea as a strumming guitar representing snow, but this time it’s soft piano. This song reminds me that I need to find who I am when it’s just me and the snow. I wish someone was walking with me, but I am enough when walking alone.

“Two Slow Dancers” – Mitski

The first time I heard this song, I bawled my eyes out: the lyrics manipulating my senses and taking me back to good times with a person I miss, and the simple melody that’s slightly cryptic to give that dissonant, off putting feeling in your heart. That’s what Mitski does to a person. After all of this reflection, we’re not quite done yet. It’s hard to forget the good from a person who was wrong for you, especially on a snowy walk alone like this one. 

Never” – Mag.Lo, O Super

Let it out. Maybe you can’t scream it out, but this song can scream for you. You’re almost home where it’s warm, and you’ve earned it after all the reflection you’ve just had. 

Walking Home in a Snowy Night
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Walking Home in a Snowy Night
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