Hearts on Fire Is The Can’t Miss Emo Fest of The Fall

If you love classic alternative music from the early 2000s, then I’ve got just the festival for you! On September 23, 2022, the most legendary alternative artists are headed to AZ. Hearts on Fire is coming to Phoenix Raceway with prime nostalgic rock music. The headliners include artists such as All-American Rejects and Boys Like Girls. If you’re like me and were too young to see songs like “Dirty Little Secret” or “Love Drunk” in concert, consider this is your second chance. Get ready to scream your heart out when music’s most iconic hits are played live!


The best music festivals take place in the metropolitan areas. There are more options to stay at that have easy access to the festival grounds. People may not think of Phoenix as a city that hosts iconic festivals or concerts, but it is slowly working its way to becoming a name in the music scene. In the past few years, Arizona has hosted some of the finest EDM festivals in America. Arizona has also hosted Country Thunder, which is one of the most famous country events throughout the states. Fortunately, festival and concert creators from AZ have currently been expanding into the world of alternative and rock!

The Ultimate Alternative Lineup

Aside from the amazing headliners, bands such as Mayday Parade, Set It Off, and Cray are all joining in on the action. These artists are all well-known bands within their respective genres. Upholding their legacy that has lasted decades and played for generations. Their reputable discographies have molded newer genres including pop punk and alternative music. All of these groups utilize rhythmic drumming and quick guitar riffs. It gets people up from their seats and entices listeners to immerse themselves in the music.

The audience can leave every worry at the door and fully live in the moment. What’s most exciting is not every performer has been officially announced! In order to stay up to date with any announcements of new artists, make sure to check out their website!

I’m Sold on the line up, but where would i stay?

Were you ever trying to plan for a festival and find yourself struggling figure out where you would be staying? In my opinion, this is the worst part of planning for a future festival or concert. Luckily, Hearts on Fire has partnered with hotels around the area in order to guarantee amazing stays for guests of the show. Whether you’re from out of town, want a staycation, or new to the music festival scene, Hearts on Fire has you covered! The creators want their attendees to be safe and stay somewhere that is effective and efficient for the festival.

Of course, the creators have included something for everyone! If you’re not one to be in large crowds or be at the front of the stage, then you’re still in luck. Hearts on Fire is offering an impressive table service at the festival. This VIP service is strictly for those who are 21 and older. This service allows the VIPs to get a much quicker check in, bottle service, and top-tier views of the stage.

Whether you are attending to relive that Y2K rock nostalgia, or to experience it for the first time, I’m convinced you’ll have the time of your life at this one! This is also the first annual HOF Fest, so how cool to be a part of a festival from the inception. I know I won’t be missing it. Get your tickets here, while you can.

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