Last week, Trippie Redd dropped his long-awaited album, Trip at Knight. As I covered his rock album for one of my first articles, it’s only appropriate I report on with this one as well. Now, this album is a lot different from his last drop.

It seems he has gone back to his roots – rage music. With the effects of the pandemic and quarantine, he clearly missed the rage.

Everyone I’ve talked to has come to the consensus that this album is one of Trippie’s best releases. It’s a no skip album.

His first single “Miss the Rage” seems to ring true throughout the rest of the album. He carries the same kind of videogame beat throughout each song that makes you think every song sounds the same. While that can be negative, he uses his voice and popular features to differentiate the songs.

This album consists of new songs and unreleased ones. He has a range of features, and he sets aside a section for songs from Juice WRLD, Ski Mask, and XXXTENTACION. This was interesting because they were all close before the two of them passed away. Trippie released some of their songs from the vault that people have been waiting to be released:

“Demon Time” shows the contrast between Redd and Ski Mask’s voice. Ski Mask just keeps the flow going quick like he always does and Redd hypes the song up.

“Matt Hardy 999” was a big song that Trippie and Juice fans alike have been begging to be dropped. So it was a no-brainer for Trippie to include it. However, some fans were disappointed there were slight changes made to the song, resulting in a different sound than the leaked version. The beat changed to fit the techno beats of the album.

Redd changed up “Danny Phantom” to accommodate just him and X. The original song had verses from other icons such as Ski Mask and Quavo. Redd took X’s verse from an old song “Ghost Busters” to fit into this song instead. We’ll never know why he changed the song so much, but it’s still pretty fire.

Artists like to take control over the order of their tracklists, and Trippie Redd is no different. Trippie seems to have a trend throughout his albums, where all the songs have the same vibe in the beginning and middle, then he seems to throw in a few random songs that don’t exactly mix with the rest of the album. They always are “odes” or “tributes” to his gang, 1400. In the last two songs “Rich MF” and “Captain Crunch”, he talks about his lifestyle. In the intro of “Captain Crunch”, he says someone threatened to kill him, but he doesn’t care because he’s going to die anyway.

My favorite song from this album has to be “MP5”. It’s probably my new hype song. He goes hard on this song as it’s a little more fast compared to his normal slower-paced voice. The way he’s able to string his way through the quickness of a song is what really gets me hooked.

From releasing rock albums to rage albums, Trippie Redd has truly proved that he can do it all. Go ahead and give this new one a listen and let us know what you think.

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