Tour Dates for The D

The satanically charged duo known through space and time as Tenacious D is a comedic band with a cult following larger than Jesus- I mean, 12 followers isn’t that many anyways, but you get the point. A little over 20 years after the release of their first album, Jack Black and Kyle Gas continue to produce content out of pure passion and deep love for rock and comedy. After a show, a few albums, a movie, and a personally produced animated YouTube series, the two have come back for a tour.

Recently announced on their website, The D shall bless audiences with “The Purple Nurple Tour… Twisting Hard To The Left!”. Touring many of the swing states before the election this fall, Tenacious D hopes to encourage audiences out to the polls this November. Partnering with 46for46, the band and organization’s overall goal is to promote voter registration and general civic action through music. The D’s site reads- “Four in ten Americans who were eligible to vote did not do so in 2016. Let’s change that and make all of our voices heard this November! But first, let’s get out there and ROCK!”

Before this, though, the duo will also be performing at Bonnaroo this summer on the second day of the fest! If you think you’re ready, take a gander at their touring dates this fall below. If you wanna catch them at Bonnaroo, check out the details on the fest and the rest of the line up here!

Time cannot stop these two simply because they are musical mystics who travel through time and space. They’ve brought us their music, and in doing so, a piece of their soul. All we can do as an audience is rock, roll, and ride!

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