This Line Up Goes Hard, and So Should You

Another California summer has approached and is flying by already. Living in the land of endless sunshine, it’s hard to distinguish one season from the next. For me, festivals act as a time marker and Hard Summer always serves as the perfect cap. Go ahead and mark your calendars for July 31st and August 1st, because you are not going to miss this one.

I know, I know… with all the 2020 dates being rescheduled it feels overwhelming. It’s so tough to pick and choose with all the other killer events being put out. As a seasoned critic, I can assure you that Hard is worth pulling trig. In my last article, I went into further detail about everything that makes it unique, but today I want to talk about what matters most… the music.

Here are my line up stand outs and the acts I can’t wait to see live!


He’s the first name on this year’s line up and for good reason. Future has been dominating the rap game for the past few years with no signs of slowing down. His collaborations with Drake made him even more mainstream, but in a good way. It only widened his reach and his audience. All I can think about is how unbelievably hype it will be to hear “Mask Off” at a post-Covid festival. CHILLS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!


R.L. Grime is a Hard Summer veteran and one of my favorites from 2019. His sets are always whimsical yet heavy at the same time, something no artist does with the same ease. He’s created a solid fan base over the years on the festival circuit and is one of those DJs that always delivers. Although my personal favorite are his Halloween sets, I’m excited to hear what sounds he’s cooked up this summer.


Before we dive into this last artist, you have to admire the diversity of sound in this line up alone. As we hop from rap, to bass, to house we finally end up to see Kaytranada. Known for his house inspired R&B this Grammy winner has already made a huge mark on the scene at only 28 years old. He’s worked with everyone from Anderson .Paak, to Kali Uchis, to Dua Lipa, which makes him a certified superstar. I can’t wait to feel the energy he brings.

These three are just a brief peek into the amazing line up! I really could go on for days, but instead I’ll let you scan it and choose your faves. You can buy tickets here, I’ll see you there!

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