The Weeknd Drops a Thriller Inspired Music Video

On the one-year anniversary of Dawn FM, music artist, The Weeknd, drops a thriller-inspired music video for his song, “Is There Someone Else?” The XO singer released the cinematic video on January 7, which seems to recast the deadly storyline of the 2000 classic film American Psycho starring Christian Bale into a chic and promiscuous tale of love and suspense.

The Weeknd had previously teased the visual, sharing a snippet on his social media accounts earlier in the week.

The Weeknd teases “Is There Someone Else?” music video on Instagram.

dawn fm album

Dawn FM, an album that came out at the beginning of 2022, had collaborations from Jim Carrey, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, and many other great artists! The album’s No. 2 Billboard 200 debut was behind Gunna’s No. 1 DS4Ever. However, it was the Weeknd’s first at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 list. Furthermore, 24 of the Toronto artist’s songs debuted on the list. This is the most for any male solo singer in a single week, setting a new record for Billboard.

As he described it himself, The Weeknd pinned the album’s concept as a kind of limbo—a journey towards the “light at the end of a tunnel,” The 16-track album is undeniably retro and glitzy, calling to the mind synth-pop of the ’80s and even Japanese city pop.

Watch below!


“Is There Someone Else?” is definitely a great song along with a cinematic masterpiece that the Mic Drop Music crew enjoyed listening to. The dark and eerie setting surrounding the music video truly set the tone of the lyrics.

I know that you're hiding something from me
That's been close to your heart
And I felt it creeping up every day
Baby, right from the start
I know that look you give when we're fighting (fighting)

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