The Playlist 2000’s Babies Were Raised On

Lately I have spent a lot (like a lot) of time re-watching classic Disney/Nickelodeon shows. Now, I don’t know if it was the nostalgia or something, but I realized that a lot of these musical shows (and movies) have absolute bangers in them. Between the classics like Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire; and newer shows like Victorious and Big Time Rush, those songs essentially formed who I am as a person now. 

I don’t want to definitively rank these songs. Though I had an idea for which ones would be on top. *Cough* ‘She’s So Gone’ and ‘Worldwide’ *Cough*.  So instead, I built a playlist of some of my favorite Disney/Nickelodeon songs while growing up. 

It was definitely hard to pick my favorites from this mix. I mean they are all fantastic. But after thinking back and listening to …many… songs, I was able to slim it down enough to make a bearable playlist. I know I said I wouldn’t rank them, but I do want to give my favorites from this selection.

-“Til I Forget About You” from Big Time Rush. (ANYTHING BTR is bound to be great.)

-“Tell Me That You Love Me” from Victorious

-“Introducing Me” from Camp Rock 2. (This song shaped a generation.)

-“I Don’t Dance” from High School Musical 2

These tracks always bring heavy nostalgia, but also just independently are really freaking good. Maybe when we were younger, we couldn’t fully appreciate them, or now I am completely biased because I grew up with them. But if you guys feel like taking a trip down memory lane or listening to these songs for the hundredth time (I see your Spotify listening histories btw), this playlist is for you!

Let's take a trip down memory lane
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Let's take a trip down memory lane

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