The PhonoGram EP Track #2: A Song That Takes You Back In Time

Staff Writer Brendan Shanahan is journaling his life through the medium of Phonomancy. Follow his magic with every track released under The Phonogram EP.


As is true of most people in my generation, my introduction to Oasis was via ‘Wonderwall’ being played on every street corner, in every shop, and on every radio station. Me being me though, I needed to hear what the album sounded like. So began my journey listening to What’s the Story (Morning Glory), over and over again.

There was one track on the album that I kept returning to – the epic seven minute final track ‘Champagne Supernova’. The soft guitar opening builds the song gradually, before the drums kick in and the distinctly Oasis electric guitars kick in.

As the guitars swell, I’m instantly taken back in time.

For some reason this track always struck me as a great ‘driving song’ – it’s steady beat and strong melodies translate well to being on the move, whether in a train, car or in a bus.

Any time I hear this one, I’m taken back to a train journey across Germany on the way to go skiing in Austria. The snowy treetops going past the carriage as we headed deeper in the alps.

Then suddenly its summer days riding the bus back home from university. I’m watching the harsh Australian sun glint off the tarmac and glass buildings, and hoping that the old bus makes it up the very steep hill on the way home.

By the time the song is at its full crescendo, I’m back in my best mate’s pool. We are recreating ‘classic catches‘ with a tennis ball, or letting the water cool us down on a 40 degree (100F) day.

To me, this one rings as a ‘summer’ song. I’m known for not liking hot weather, but it appears that many of my favorite and easy-to-return-to memories center around a hot day. This song is also one of the few that make me realize how old I am. I’m physically 28, but mentally I always think I’m younger. The time has marched on and I’ve collected many experiences in my lifetime. Sometimes the thought of that freaks me out, but then sometimes it’s also reassuring.

They say that the days go slow but the years go fast. But for 7 minutes and 31 seconds, I can go to any day or year I want to.

Next Time, Track 3: A Curse Song.

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